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Carl Langley
EdgefieldDaily.com Guest Columnist

God save the USA!

web posted January 8, 2007

My, my, my. It seems I have put a gentleman named Alan White into a tizzy and tied his undies into knots with my commentary about liberal college professors running amok on some college campuses.

Let me extend my apologies to Mr. White for not being more specific in my complaints about bad professors who are fouling the minds of young people. I concede that our southern universities and colleges have not been cursed with an overwhelming number of crazed instructors contaminating our children.

In fact, a great many of the instructors on our state campuses are more conservative than I am, if that is possible, and a goodly number of them are my friends. I hear from them from time to time and many are in agreement with me on this issue.

You have to go into the northeast (Boston and New York), the Midwest (Madison and Minneapolis) and the far west (Berkeley and Stanford) to find most of the professors prone to spread wacko theories.

I once sent letters to a couple of the more radical ones in which I asked them if the communism they love was such a great deal why were millions murdered to advance the philosophy and why did the leaders of the Soviet Union finally decide to junk that awful system. They failed to respond.

Now to another matter.

I agree with Mr. White that America has lost its status as the world’s premier exporter of trade goods. I heard an economics professor proclaim years ago that a nation that loses its manufacturing base is headed for deep trouble.

Mr. White is right in saying that most of the goods on American store shelves or in automobile showrooms these days come from distant places. We ran manufacturing off our shores due to many things, chief among them oppressive government regulation, inept management and union coercion.

I don’t possess the expertise to point out the main culprits in this imbalance in trade, but I believe a lot of the blame belongs to an electorate (you, me and everyone else) which sent to Washington politicians more concerned with job security than with saving our industries.

While foreign competitors began gearing up after World War II and have been flooding our country with cheap imports for 50 years, the countries seizing our markets put imports from our country into a hammerlock of tariffs and quotas.

The most glaring example of our failure is reflected by the demise of our once great textile industry. Congress and presidential administrations past and present have presided over the slow death of what had been the greatest industry in the world. The same happened to the shoe trade, automobiles, appliances, electronics and a lot of other core industries. Made in China is now the mantra.

While all this was going on, the liberals were on the sidelines cheering for foreign policy decisions that helped our competitors go into business. While pushing world socialism they demanded we apologize for everything bad and take credit for nothing good that we did as a nation for some 200 years.

Blaming ourselves for others’ problems violates any degree of common sense and is counter to the laws of nature, but in the liberal mind it is not only proper to do self-flagellation but to embrace a universal death wish.

Let me cite you one example of how ludicrous things have gotten in the global arena. Wheat, corn and other grains produced in this country have been bagged up and shipped to the world’s armpits and pestholes in a vast relief network aimed at saving people who won’t save themselves.

But guess what happened when this country tried to show compassion and save lives in the worst of places. The USA script on bags of grain was erased by the local dictator’s thugs or was replaced with the UN symbol. How’s that for ingratitude?

In some people’s views (Mr. White, are you listening?) it is my fault and the fault of my parents, children and grandchildren and the fault of you and your kin that our country has fallen into economic handcuffs, with the Chinese dominant among the many who are holding the keys to our economic shackles.

I recall reading numerous articles years ago warning America that this day would come. I was not a deep thinker, but I believed in the prophecies of people like Strom Thurmond and Ernest Hollings. They may have disagreed on many things but both knew the dangers of throwing in the towel on international trade.

Thurmond and Hollings maintained that the world needed level playing fields in international commerce, but their voices went unheeded. International trading cartels, made up of free market and structured market advocates, carried the day by buying and selling politicians like bolts of cloth.

The votes were easily purchased because congressmen and other officials find it hard to live on an annual salary 10 times that of the folks back home. So they begin dancing to the tunes of the fiddlers who orchestrate the flow of goods in the global trading channels.

The Congress of the United States starting selling off our textile, automobile, electronics and shoe industries some 50 years ago, and over the ensuing decades the failed trade policies have been extended all across the board. It will get worse before it ever gets better, if it ever gets better.

Mr. White, I am not at fault in this but I agree with your lament. I have been a critic of our nation’s economic policies for years, but I am a small town person with no clout at all in Washington. I can only cast one vote, but it always was given to the ones I thought would do us right.

In closing, let me say for the umpteenth time that I am firm in my belief that most of our nation’s problems have been created by politicians on the take, by a State Department populated by limp-wrested sophisticates and the aforementioned liberal college professors.

As I chewed on what Mr. White wrote and prepared this piece I was lonely in my thoughts until I heard a completely ignorant young woman defending on national television her participation in a wild and wooly group that was shouting down members of Congress. An idiot could tell she was mouthing words fed to her by others with more malignant designs.

Then, I imagined this poor young woman as she must have appeared on her first day as a college freshman. She entered a strange new world and perhaps was bewildered and overwhelmed by the halls of higher learning. Now four years later, I see the end product - a shouting harpy convinced she is among those chosen to bring down the republic.

Far from the comforts of home and the cloistered security offered by loving parents, she became captive to liberal mind control in her new environment. I wondered what professor or professors had taken power over her small brain. I wondered if she still has a mind after four years spent wandering through classrooms divorced from the real world.

I will not retreat from my position on the damage being done by liberal thinkers. Many college campuses today are places where good Americans - her father and mother and others like them - are not welcome. On too many of them terrible injustices are inflicted on parents who spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to mold a child into a productive member of a free society and are left with a mindless puppet.

God save the USA!



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