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The Lunatic Fringe Will Buy Anything

By: Carl Langley
web posted January 9, 2008
GUEST COLUMNIST – Hillary Clinton’s main campaign mantra is the need to bring universal health care to millions of what she describes as the lost, the hopeless, the uninsured, the ones whose birthdays are overlooked and the ones who didn‘t get a single present at Christmas.

John Edwards is focusing his presidential election hopes on helping the little man overcome the corporate giants who have enslaved him, his families and all his kin. These he now calls the oppressed are the same people who sat in jury boxes and made this sleazy lawyer wealthy beyond his wildest dreams.

The sheer hypocrisy of Clinton and Edwards, two snake oil salesmen and masters of perfidy, would be laughable but for the fact that this nation, like an old politician once observed, has a 10 percent lunatic population who tend to swallow anything. These two talk about the need for change, but have never defined change. My question is, change what to what?

If the Democrats claim there are 40 million people living without health insurance in this country I wonder what bridges they are under. Nowhere does Hillary and her followers mention that with a national population estimated at 300 million, there must be 260 million with government-paid, employer-paid and self-paid medical care insurance.

While Hillary is moaning about insurance, Edwards claims corporate America has enslaved the majority of our citizens and are robbing them blind. He doesn’t mention the fact that corporations, for the most part, pay health insurance costs for their employees and tack on paid vacations and savings and retirement plans that enable most workers to retire with monthly pensions supplementing the Social Security that his kind has been stealing from for years.

Hillary was brought up in a well-to-do household, attended Wellesley College, where her mind was rotted out by a cadre of liberal professors, then fell under the spell of a man named Saul Alinsky. He was her political God. The Founding Fathers would have viewed him as Satan.

Saul Alinsky, for those completely lacking in the lessons of history, was a spell-binding orator, writer and progressive prophet of doom. He said unless the little man rose up, revolted and eradicated the American free enterprise system he was doomed to a life of servitude.

Alinsky’s progressive philosophy stemmed directly from the teachings of Karl Marx, the father of communism. Marx’s warped view of the economic world gave us Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Ho Chi Minh, Pol Pot and lesser butchers. This fearsome five are estimated to have killed more than 100 million people, or a third of the population of today’s America.

Alinsky, who is no longer among us, wrote two books calling for social hell raising and community revolution, “Reveille for Radicals,” and “Rules for Radicals.” He stamped himself a nutcase by declaring that Satan was able to define his own kingdom by rebelling against God, whose teachings were about love and sharing.

Since time began, these idiots should be reminded, the earth we share has been occupied by social orders of varying stratifications. In show we have had populaces of great wealth, populations of moderate wealth, the poor and everything in between. It is a natural order, and nature’s laws can never be repealed. Even in the communist dictatorships much admired by people like Alinsky there were ruling elites, well cared for middle branches and a peasantry.

I am also a student of history. In the 1920s the American radicals fueled up by writers like Ida Tarbell and Upton Sinclair and trained by Alinsky were devoted followers of Lenin and Stalin. Once the Reds took over in Russia, they hopped on freighters and went to Russia to help put the final touches on the Great Revolution. Stalin rewarded their devotion by having them shot or trucked off to the gulags.

In Hillary’s world, which has been shaped by the teachings of such people as Alinsky, all of us little folks need the care and guidance of a centralized government operating a collectivized system. She, of course, would sit at the top with her minions and direct our care and feeding along with medical insurance, government controlled education and other little incidentals that are necessary for life care.

Hillary doesn’t talk much about her family, which, in itself, leads to speculation about what went on behind closed doors in a household that some say was Republican to the core. The fact that she once was a Goldwater girl invites scrutiny but there is no information available. Hillary’s shift to the dark side didn’t meet with the same fate that befalls those poor Islamic women who fail to toe the family line.

Edwards is a real case. A converted populist without a clue (except where the best groomed among us can pick up a $400 haircut), he is a retired trial lawyer who became a millionaire by spinning tales in medical malpractice lawsuits that could curl the hair of a bald man.

Edwards’ greatest trait lies in the ability to convince stupid jurors that he could hear voices from the grave and saw resurrections on the spot. That kind of vision results in multi-million dollar awards. Edwards’ health care is not being provided by the doctors he bankrupted.

I doubt that Edwardian fantasy would work on Osama bin Laden, because Old Osama has been there and done that and knows that fairy tales never work except when used on the ignorant masses among the Arab world who blow themselves up in hopes of finding 72 virgins in the afterlife. A critic of that tale claims it’s one virgin and she is 72 years old.

Edwards, borrowing a page out of Abe Lincoln’s life story, likes to tell about being born and spending early childhood in South Carolina, where he claims that as a child he watched his father trudge off to work each day at a menial job in a textile mill. He forgets to tell us that his dad was the manager of the mill, hardly the type that dresses in overalls, kisses mom and the kids goodbye each morning, reaches over and picks up his tin lunch bucket and heads off to put in eight hard hours surrounded by lint and dust.

Edwards has declared war on corporate America, but he fails to point out to the dupes heading for the ballot box that he banked a pile of cash after signing on with a hedge fund. A hedge fund is one of the shining symbols of corporate America because while it has high risk it can return enormous profit.

Confronted about the hedge fund dividends he had earned, Edwards is said to have promised to dedicate his pot of gold to the nearest charity but there is no evidence he has done so. By the way, he is the owner of a newly built $28 million mansion in North Carolina and it sits almost directly across the road from a mobile home park.

I comment here on Hillary and Edwards because I find them to be the two biggest hypocrites running for the highest office in our land. They are not alone because the rest of the field, Democrat and Republican alike, would never pass a be-kind-to-a-voter test. I will get to some of the others later, I hope.

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