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The state of the nation
By Carl Langley
EdgefieldDaily.com guest columnist
web posted January 15, 2007

A couple of weeks back I wrote a column chastising liberal college and university professors for tainting the minds of young students whose parents spend thousands upon thousands of dollars for the right for their children to be taught by the mentally deranged.

I was scolded for expressing my views in this matter, and later conceded in an e-mail to a critic that I had cast too broad a blanket. The facts are most of the liberals have taken over the teaching agendas at mainly northeastern, upper Midwestern and western universities.

Now it is with regret that I failed to look closer to home!

Up at Duke University nearly a year ago three lacrosse players were accused of sexually assaulting a black stripper at an off-campus party. The news had barely gotten out before a group of faculty members, all liberals to the core, placed an ad in the Durham newspaper convicting the students. In the liberal world those who fail to be politically correct and whose ethnic makeup doesn’t follow certain defined lines are guilty as charged.

Now with the case rapidly falling apart as the supposed victim changes her story almost daily, the liberal faculty members (named the Gang of 88 by Duke students a hell of a lot smarter than their teachers) are running for cover. One has quit a university post. Others are posting lame apologias and begging forgiveness. Others are falling the liberal code of silence and hoping like heck they will be overlooked.

Durham prosecutor Mike Nifong, who was out early pronouncing three lacrosse players guilty, has taken refuge in his office, refusing to speak to the media he once chatted freely with and has asked the state to take him off the case.

Nifong, replaced Saturday as the prosecutor after he begged for relief, is now under a  judicial investigation that includes the threat of disbarment. In my opinion, he should be pumping gas or riding around on the back of a garbage truck helping with the pickups.

I found it amusing that Nifong’s star witness, who was given a medical examination after making her complaint against the students, was found to have had the DNA from four different men, none being from any of the men charged. That was before she had a baby a few days ago. Now the infant can be named Anybody’s Child.

In another case, liberal professors at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, a former conservative bastion, have their undies in knots because the school administration is negotiating with President George Bush for the location of a Bush Presidential Library on the campus.

To illustrate the bizarre mindset endemic in most liberals, one professor opposed to the library and totally bereft of cohones said its location there would attract terrorists. I say that is good. We need to draw these rats out of the shadows where we can kill them, and if it takes a library to do it so then be it. The more this timid but loudmouth professor mouths the terrorist line the more I am getting to like it. If it came down to terrorists or liberal professors guess whose side I would take.

I have long maintained that college faculty members should have no vote on the construction of any building on any campus anywhere at any time. They are contract employees, much like a worker on an assembly line, and their wants are not part of any discussion. In other words, the professors should take their paychecks and keep their mouths shut. Most of them are overpaid as it is, and if I had a say-so their pay would be reduced.


My grandson is a captain in the U.S. Army and this week he will heading back to Iraq for his third tour in that awful killing ground. I want to thank Vice President Richard Cheney for making all this possible. He, among all of Bush’s inner circle, is the ultimate war hawk.

I find Cheney an outrageous coward after learning that during the Vietnam War he successfully worked his way into five deferments. My question is how in the world could George Bush rely on the advice of such a deceitful man. Cheney has two daughters, both draft proof, but he is willing to sacrifice the sons and daughters of other people so he can sit on his fat behind and plot more mischief.

Then there’s Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn., who chose a morning radio talk show to announce he is going to seek the democratic presidential nomination in 2008. Dodd, who spent his early years in the Senate making the rounds of Washington night clubs with Sen. Ted Kennedy, said he was running on his background and his experience.

With Dodd’s background and experience, I think he should be in rehab somewhere.


Former vice presidential candidate and John Kerry running mate John Edwards of North Carolina, fancies himself the early front runner in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, but Hillary Clinton is looming large in his rear view mirror. Before being bitten by the political bug Edwards made millions representing clients in shaky lawsuits that included closing arguments that featured his charming jurors with voices of clients speaking from beyond the grave.

Then there’s Barack Obama, an Illinois freshman senator and the current wunderkid of the Democrats. Barack, a creation of the media and Democrat spinmeisters, is casting a dark shadow (no pun intended) over Clinton, Edwards, Dodd and a covey of wannabes.

Obama is the product of the union of a Kenyan Muslim and a white atheist whose marriage fell apart. The fact that Barack’s middle name is Hussein should ring a lot of bells with voters who are aware of more than a few Middle East suicide bombers who share the same name.

Let’s not overlook Sen. Barbara Boxer, a Democrat ultraliberal from California, who is proof of a position that I have long maintained. I once said women in politics could play as dirty as the men, and this crazed woman has given a ringing endorsement to my theory with her shabby treatment of Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice.

During a hearing before a Senate committee in which Rice was summoned to give an assessment of the Iraq war, Boxer, a mother and grandmother, remarked that Rice wouldn’t know the pain of loss because she has never married and has never had children. It was a low blow of all low blows and upset both Democrat and Republican senators.

When it comes to politics some people will say and do anything, and I will be among the first to concede that bad manners and bad behavior crosses all party lines at all levels. I just bring up Boxer’s behavior to prove my long-held position that Darwin or some other male was right in observing that the female of the species is deadlier than the male.

Finally, it was only a few days ago that Nancy Pelosi, the new speaker of the House of Representatives, took hold of the gavel and proclaimed a new day in America, a day in which congressional business as usual would be tossed in the garbage can and the poor folks would get what they deserved in a marvelous 100 hours of legislation that would turn the country around.

One of the first bills up in the House called for a new minimum wage that would lift the bottom rung on the economic ladder up a few notches. The problem was that Pelosi made sure that the giant Del Monte company, which has its headquarters in her home district around San Frisco, would be exempt from the wage increases.

Del Monte’s American Samoa tuna processing plant was made exempt from the minimum wage increase. This means some 5,000 workers at the tuna processing plant will continue to receive less than $4 an hour for their labors.

Way to go, Nancy!!! You are the girl of any conniving, crooked politicians dreams.


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