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Save the Jews

By Carl Langley
web posted January 17, 2009
GUEST COLUMN – The effeminate dilettantes of the United Nations have taken time off from their boring wine and cheese receptions, endless state dinners and show-and-tell lecture meetings to pass another resolution ordering the Israelis to cease and desist from fighting for their survival as both a people and a nation.

In other words, shut up and die.

But again, I am putting my money on the Israelis. I don’t think the people of the Jewish nation are up to considering suicide. Such thoughts go a fleeting when you are under attack each day. You can get so busy working the self preservation route you don’t think about the place settings at a UN reception.

Old Joe Stalin had it right shortly after World War II when he rebuffed any suggestions to put the UN in Paris, or at The Hague. He held out and won his demands that the headquarters of this disreputable conclave set up shop in New York City.

Stalin is said to have remarked, “It best serves our purposes that the UN be located in the United States.” Old Joe certainly knew what he was talking about. He was aware that a fawning press and liberal politicians would fall all over themselves for the chance to shine on an international stage. Never mind that the UN would prove to be worthless.

America’s decision to join in this long-running charade brings to mind the old admonition, “Be careful what you wish for, you might get it.”

Since its creation more than 60 years ago, this reprehensible gathering of delegates, whose voting majority represents everything from murderous dictators to ragtag Third World pestholes and once led former U.S. Sen. Ernest Hollings to remark that some of the delegates were happy to come to the UN where they dined in opulence. Fritz said it sure beat staying home and dining on your neighbors.

Among its many sins is the most glaring one: the UN has never missed an opportunity to scold our government and our representatives and those of Israel. Israel and America have long been the favorite whipping boys of too many of these repugnant people.

I say without fear of repudiation that the UN ingrates have succeeded in making us the scapegoats for everything foul that has happened, whether it be natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes, or shooting wars around the globe, which at any moment in time will number about 40.

But who’s paying any attention to any of that? It’s only when we get involved that it really matters. Or if the Jews are so presumptuous as to demand that others quit shooting at them. The UN tells Israel to obey ceasefires but never imposes such mandates on the world’s criminal elements.

The matter of the moment for this slimy body of the world’s worst is to order that the Jews quit defending themselves, which means laying down their arms, putting their troops to gardening or some other idyllic pursuits, storing away the heavy artillery and aircraft and picking up white flags to wave before those who would kill them.

I find it shameful that the UN is demanding that Israel’s people line up meekly so they can be executed by the Arab mobs that swarm like hornets out of their hovels in the Gaza strip. The only thing those people are interested in is propagating more of their own vermin and killing all the Jews. The average Muslim male in the Gaza strip is jobless but comforts himself with five or more wives and produces a retinue of a couple of dozen children. Guess who is paying the support?

The late author Oriana Fallaci, bless her departed soul, had it right about the fanatics in the Arab world when she called them the dregs of the earth. Her reward for exposing the terror in a couple of her books was to be threatened with jailing by her own cowardly Italian government. This was their reward for a World War II resistance fighter.
I am ashamed of my country’s leadership in this sordid affair.

Sadly, George Bush and his underlings have caved in to the international parasites in demanding a ceasefire, which the Israelis would gladly agree to but the Palestinian cutthroats reject. In their twisted minds the only thing that matters is killing as many Jews as possible, which they believe will lead to the collapse of the Jewish nation.

The UN’s busybodies, who use the liberal press as a footstool, never mention the fact that the Palestinians are not welcome in any Arab country bordering on Israel. Jordan, Egypt and Syria once gave haven to the Palestinians but kicked them out after finding they were sheltering the worst elements of the Arab world.

Having considered the misdeeds and miscalculations of the UN ministers and their staffs, the outright thievery of some of the higher ups at Turtle Bay and the failure of the internationalists to resolve most world conflicts, I urge every honest, law-abiding and compassionate American to support Israel in its fight for survival.

I warn that the destruction of Israel, the only true democracy in the Middle East, will eventually bring dire consequences to the western world. If there is one character trait all Muslims share it’s their bloodthirsty view on how our lives should be run.

What other religion calls for the slaying of unbelievers? If it is a religion of peace, then I am a Gold Star mother from Russia, as my friend Gilmore Eaves once remarked to a doubter.
Let me disappoint the most radical of the mullahs and imams by saying I am not given to dragging a prayer rug around and dropping to my knees five times a day. I also don’t use foot baths in airport terminals and train stations. And I believe the best place for a Koran would be in any outdoor toilet in the Appalachians.

Quite frankly, I believe Muslims have been driven mad by a crazed religion, one that has caused the deaths of millions of people over the centuries. Unless it is brought in check by those unwilling to sell their souls and surrender their honor it will mean the end of western civilization.

Simply put, our survival is up to us and we can take a first step toward that by supporting Israel. It is in our best interest, for should Israel fall then how far behind are we? How far behind is any western nation? How far behind is freedom to live our lives as we choose?
I stand for Israel and pray that this brave nation’s leaders never give in to blackmail, terror and the whimpering idiots running about the halls of the UN and shouting for the Jews to abandon their bad behavior. The UN surrender monkeys are the basest of cowards and remind me of the old saying, “a hero dies but once, but a coward dies a thousand times.”

Lord, I wish they would jack the UN up and ship it to North Korea, Cuba or some other enlightened haven of orderly behavior. Our liberals are especially fond of Cuba, so let me suggest that it be given first dibs on serving as a host to the UN.

God bless America!


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