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Voters’ wrath sends a message to the Democrats

By Carl Langley
web posted January 22, 2010
EDGEFIELD – Martha Coakley said one of her biggest concerns after winning the U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts would be dealing with the weekly commute to Washington as she tries to balance public service with her housewifely duties.

Well, the good news is she doesn’t have to worry about that anymore after being routed by Republican senatorial candidate Scott Brown in the special election to fill the seat once held by Ted Kennedy.

By the way and for the chinless David Gergen‘s information, it’s not the Kennedy Seat, but the People’s Seat. Let us not forget this is still an independent nation, one in which no real American will bow down to royalty.

Brown’s victory no doubt has ended the political career of Coakley, who disgraced herself as a prosecutor years ago by helping send an innocent family to long prison terms on hoaxed up charges of child abuse in the day care nursery and school they ran.

Poor Gerald Amirault, son of the school founder and owner, Violet Amirault, languished behind bars for 18 years before the facts were set free. The courts found that over-zealous social services workers, urged on by psychologists, child care advocates and assorted other voodoo practitioners, had coached the children into making false claims about abuse at the day care center operated by the Amiraults.

Violet and her daughter, Cheryl, spent eight years behind bars before the truth came out, thanks mainly to the tireless reporting and writing of Wall Street Journal editorial writer Dorothy Rabinowitz, a Pulitzer Prize winner.

Hollywood should be gifted with actors and actresses with the talents shown by District Attorney Scott Harshbarger, Coakley and others in the prosecutorial mob that railroaded the Amirault family on charges that even an idiot could not believe.

So much for justice in the Bay State, where most Democrats like to refer to the seat Brown won as “the Kennedy seat.” Being prideful and vainglorious is among the attributes most displayedby Bay State politicians, most of whom are born with the genes of corruption firmly implanted.

Now up to their eyeballs in shattered hopes, the Democrats are in full recovery mode. A goodly number of those trying to subvert this nation‘s democratic underpinnings now are mapping disaster plans that may help them distance themselves from the Massachusetts fiasco.

Well, it’s too late boys and girls. It’s not going to work. There is not a big enough rock to hide under or a big enough lie to tell that will save many of you. By November American voters from coast to coast, from the Canadian border to the Rio Grande, get their chance to reshuffle the deck, casting out the card sharks and snake oil salesmen and saleswomen, and putting in their places, hopefully, some people who put America first rather than serving their own interests and those of their friends.

Time is the great dissembler of frauds, and time will prove that our nation has been sold a shoddy bag of goodies Thankfully, the American voter still can rise up when the reckoning hour draws near to show that we are not nearly as dumb as the Democrats think we are.

For the historical record, let me note that it was those in voting blocs 50 years old or older and mindful of the Amirault show trial who sent Coakley to the showers. They now are preparing a bath for a lot more of our con artists and shysters come this fall’s national elections.

Hasten on Time in your inexorable flight and bring us swiftly to November.

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