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Death Takes a Cowardly Killer from the World

By: Carl Langley
web posted January 31, 2008
GUEST COLUMN – The average American, burdened by ignorance on matters of historical significance, will not notice the death of a man a couple of days ago whose passage through life meant the deaths of thousands of innocent men, women and children.
George Habash, the founder of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, was 82 at the time of his death from pneumonia in a Jordan hospital, which was 82 years more than this rat deserved to live.
Habash was little known outside of Palestine in the early 1960s but his brooding evil mind brought to the world the horrors of airline hijackings and bombings in public places.
Habash is regarded by those familiar with the roots of terrorism as the father of the cowardly acts against the innocents whose lives were snuffed out by explosives in the public parks, city streets and shopping centers of the Middle East and elsewhere.
“When we hijack a plane or explode a bomb in a market place, at a place of worship or a school it has more impact than if we kill 100 Israelis in battle,” the cowardly demon once remarked.
Habash was not only ruthless in his quest to drive every Jew out of the Middle East, but one of the luckiest terrorists alive. Time and again he escaped traps set for him by Israelis and others who tried to purge this evil from the world.
I came to know about Habash years ago while working as an editor for a daily newspaper. From time to time stories would come over the international wires dealing with acts of terror against the innocent, and I grew both angry and tired of seeing the pictures of lifeless little children being removed from the wreckage of buildings.
Habash boasted that he learned about terror by reading of the exploits of the Vietnamese Viet Cong and the terror squadrons employed by the butchers who tried to take over the world during World War II. He obviously was a good student.
Habash was described as a devout Marxist in a story telling about his death. Marxism gave the world communism and people like Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Ho Chi Minh and Castro used the evil ideology to put to death millions of people.
The world’s liberals regarded Habash as a man on a noble mission, which was to free Palestine and turn it over to the Arab millions who, themselves, have given the world nothing but misery and death since the founding of Israel in 1948.
I am not an apologist for Israel, but the leaders of that nation, from the day of its birth in 1948,  attempted to get along with their Arab neighbors, providing them with education, jobs, medical care and the other necessities of life. But always the twisted reasoning that afflicts too many of the world’s religions proved to be an insurmountable barrier to peaceful co-existence.
Habash, who rose to prominence in the late 1960s, was an equal opportunity offender of anyone who did not share his philosophy. At one time or another he was told he was not welcome in places like Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. In fact his murderous organization and the Palestinians were thrown out of Jordan for failing to behave.
Habash’s unholy legions took over the front pages of the world’s newspapers in 1969 and 1970 by starting their rage against the world with the bombing of a supermarket in Israel and hijacking of three western airliners in Jordan.
Habash said the acts of violence were his way of calling attention to his organization and the Palestinians. He complained that for too many years world public opinion had failed to take sides with his group, so he used the murderous rampages to get the world’s attention.
Habash followed up bombings and hijackings with demands that all of the Arab governments enter into peace negotiations with him and his gang. The problem with negotiating with criminals is that honest and sincere people never win and sooner or later, usually sooner, the criminals are setting down the terms of negotiation and sitting in the seats of power.
Most people will find it astonishing that Habash graduated first in his class from medical school at the American University in Beirut, Lebanon. And most people will find it even more astonishing that this sadistic killer was the son of well-to-do parents who belonged to the Greek Orthodox Church, a radical departure from Islam, the dominant religion of the Arab world.
During the four to five decades after he picked up his medical degree, the monster of the Mideast lived in the shadows, but spent every day of his life plotting the deaths of anyone he considered alien to his warped cause and calamitous vision of what life should be like in not only the Palestine territories but the entire Arab world.
Habash overplayed his hand in late 1970s when he ordered the hijacking of western planes and blowing them up. Habash’s acts forced King Hussein of Jordan to impose martial law and Jordan’s army chased the Palestinians and Habash out of the country and into Syria and Lebanon,
In his later years, Habash toned down his actions but never gave up his rhetoric of hate. He found himself living from the proverbial pillar to post and spent his final years in Jordan where he was kept under close watch by military intelligence agencies and national police forces. His death has, thankfully, called off the watch - for a time, at least. People like Habash always leave behind apprentices who can be more evil than their teachers.
Habash’s decision to follow medicine as a profession leaves behind a reminder or two. A tradition of  the medical profession is that all doctors pledge allegiance to the Hippocratic oath, The oath written by the great doctor Hippocrates in ancient Greece mandates that those in the healing professions promise to “first do no harm” to those seeking medical care.
The Hippocratic oath meant little to George Habash, who has gone to his grave with the blood of hundreds of thousands, many of them small children, on his hands. One must ask compassionate and caring people how any man committed to helping others could kill so many people without a single sign of remorse.
If there is a Hell and if there is justice in the afterlife, then I suggest that George Habash has had his hands full over the last few days. And, if I interpret my Bible correctly, he will have his hands full for all of eternity, suffering the misery, pain and agony that is promised those who violate one of God’s commandments.

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