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Mike Malloy: a preacher of hate

By Carl Langley
web posted February 2, 2009
GUEST COLUMN – Several years ago I made an investment in satellite radio, following in the footsteps of a friend who told me about the joys of listening to a service that offered a wide range of listening options.

I became a Sirius subscriber after learning the system carried more than 100 channels, including among them stations that feature music from the 1940s and 1950s decades - the happy, carefree days of my youth.

Sirius also carries professional football and basketball games, college football and basketball games and a large number of stations catering to varied interests and various groups.

I favor the old time music stations because those were the stations I listened to in my youth. It was an era when musicians played music I could understand, and the humor programs, such as Fibber McGee and Molly and the Great Gildersleeve, didn‘t resort to four-letter words to get laughs..

Today, music has degraded to the point that it is harmful to the ears and the racket makes absolutely no sense at all to me. It is noise at the highest decibel levels that can be reached. Only country music has gone unchanged over the past 50 years and that is what I listen to mainly. And some of the filthiest language one can hear is on some stations.

The mystery programs of yesteryear after found regularly on Sirirus, and they include the Shadow, the Whistler, Suspense, And western adventure shows like Gunsmoke and the Six Shooter are on the menu. Sadly, the old Amos and Andy shows are not carried, in deference to the new age of political correctness.

But the satellite system has a dark side, mainly among the talk radio shows it carries. Two of them leap right out at you - the Lynn Samuels show and the Mike Malloy show. The two of them feature obscenity and depravity to the highest levels and reflect the general intelligence level of the hosts.

One late evening several months ago ago I was roaming about the satellite system when I came upon Malloy, who is an an absolute lunatic and an atheist on top of most of his sins. He is the kind of person who wears a chip of hate on his shoulder the size of a surf board.

It only took a few minutes of listening to reach the conclusion that this blabbermouth is a real screwball. On satellite radio systems you can hear most anything and foul words seem to be a staple on the Samuel and Malloy shows.

But Malloy is by far the champion. If my mother were alive and could get near him she would wash his mouth out with lye soap.

Malloy is distinguished not only for his lack of knowledge about the way the world works, but for the hatred he spews each night he is on the air. In his warped little world all white people, excepting him, of course, are racists. He wears his ignorance and stupidity well.

The main targets of Malloy’s hatred are the entire George Bush family, all conservatives, all Republicans, and even the poor Israelis who have enough real enemies without having to put up with a fool like Malloy.

I listened intently the other evening as Malloy accused the Jews of all kinds of genocide, although the Jews have never attacked anyone but have never given up their right of self defense.

I can’t blame the Jews for resisting the impulses of those who want to kill them. In Malloy’s world, the Jews should, as I have stated in the past, stand still and let their enemies kill them. Let me note that Samuels, also a Jew, is very critical of the Israeli government.

I know most Muslims hate the Jews, but those poor misguided fools can’t hold a candle to Malloy when it comes to scourging the Jewish people and their government. I know most liberal Democrats detest the Bush family, but I am yet to hear a single one of them hurl the invective against the former president and his family that spills out of the mouth of the deranged Malloy.

After listening to him for a few minutes, I reminded myself when I got up the next morning to research this idiot’s background.

What I found was rather interesting. It seems his mouth has gotten him into trouble for years and led to his dismissal at two radio stations. He has bounced around a bit but has never been able to achieve celebrity status, such as his talk show competitors Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly.

This must really bug him.

Malloy is a 66-year-old nutcake who reportedly is the father of a small child. If so, this poor child faces a bleak future. That’s because someday Malloy’s little heir will have to explain away such a jerk for a father. I wouldn’t wish that on any one.

Because this is a family website, I can’t repeat the words I have heard Malloy utter on the air, but I can tell you they belong at the bottom of the garbage pile. Which reminds me of the comment by a preacher years ago. The minister, a kindly soul, told me people who use profanity and obscene words betray their lack of oratorical skills and exhibit a total absence of proper social behavior.

In other words, Malloy, the professed atheist and the professional hater, is the skunk at anyone’s picnic and he well deserves the title. Because I tend to be a forgiving person, I feel sorry for the fool. He obviously isn’t very popular, except among the deranged who cling to conspiracy theories and other examples of nutty behavior. This group represents about 1 percent of the population.

I reached my conclusion about Malloy’s small audience because during the broadcast I tuned into he spent a lot of time begging people to call into his show. I made a note not to call him no matter how repugnant I found his behavior, and I didn’t stick around for long. I left him with the impression that you are only welcome to call in if you agree with his position.

Malloy and a foul-mouthed woman named Randi Rhodes, who was fired from a talk show job because of her bad behavior, represent the worst we have in this society.

At one time I believed people who acted in this fashion were doing so to attract attention, but I now realize that this is the way they were raised. I can only imagine what the parents of losers like Malloy and Rhodes were like. The apple, as they say, doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Malloy’s boring show is carried by something called the Nova M network, not to be confused with CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, and almost certainly sits on the lowest tier in the communications business.

I had never head of Nova M until I came upon the Malloy show. I tuned in for about 30 minutes because it was fascinating to find a raving lunatic had been allowed air time.

I don’t believe Malloy will last long because the advertising base, which is the lifeblood for any communications, is virtually non-existent. The sponsors appear to be hucksters and quacks selling miracle pills and trash of a similar nature. What they are peddling normal people like you and me aren’t inclined to buy.

Malloy’s failures to capture a wide audience are found in his lack of calls from the folks out in the outback. The last time I was listening to him he was begging for listeners to call in and berating the fact he was not hearing from anyone.

My question is, why call someone who is going to act like the fool and will cut you off if you happen to disagree with his position.

I have not clicked on the Mike Malloy show in recent days, but I guess he is still spreading his venom about the airwaves. In his case I am left to wonder how a person with such pent up hatred and rabid behavior manages to live with himself.

Let me leave you with a warning: listening to people like Malloy and Rhodes can lead to brain damage.


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