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A Veil of Secrecy Protects the Worst of the Worst

By Columnist Carl Langley

web posted February 27, 2007

GUEST COLUMN – There are few crimes that rank on the loathsome scale with murder and rape. But there is one, when ranked in the category of moral depravity, that can equate with murder and rape.

It is child pornography, a betrayal of all things good and kind and sincere and loving and compassionate. The child pornographer ranks at the very bottom of the scale when it comes to singling out those whose moral depravity defies description.

Child pornography has reached an epidemic scale in this country, and it is particularly loathsome when it rears its ugly head among those who profess to be champions of freedom and liberty for each and every individual.

Let me draw your attention today to an event that occurred near our nation’s capitol over the past weekend. On Feb. 23 federal authorities went to a house in Arlington, Va., with search warrants that led to the arrest of a man identified as Charles Rust-Tierney.

Rust-Tierney would be just another one of the jackals who have been caught in national and international snares set up to catch child pornographers, but he stands out because he is an exceptional catch.

Rust-Tierney, according to a posting on the ABC Television Network’s website, is the former president of the Virginia chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, and that calls for some background.

The ACLU, as it is more prominently known, was founded in the 1920s. It emerged from the wreckage of communist and progressive cells who shared a disdain and dislike for the American free enterprise system.

Rejected by the American people in their promotion of collectivism as a means to change our society, the communists and progressives decided to go respectable. So many of its members regrouped and founded the ACLU, claiming themselves defenders and champions of individual rights.

The ACLU has been relentless in its attacks on school prayer, the 10 Commandments and any public monuments or buildings that carry a reference to a divine power.

In simple terms, the ACLU’s main objective is a godless and collective society where everyone is cut out of the same cookie cutter mold, personal wealth is to be rejected and there is no allegiance to anything that made our nation the most powerful and generous on the face of the earth.

But back to what turned out to be Black Friday for Rust-Tierney.

The federal agents who swarmed into Rust-Tierney’s residence in Arlington came away with what was described as a large number of computer discs filled with images of pre-pubescent girls forced into graphic sexual orgies of the basest kind. Many of the girls, it was said, were bound with tape and ropes and were heard screaming and crying.

It is difficult to imagine the mind of a person who takes delight in this kind of stuff, but I can imagine the maggots crawling around in the brains of child pornographers who are not only thrilled by what they see but enriched by the profits made from selling these images on the Internet.

The federal agents put Rust-Tierney in a Virginia slammer while they went about the task of detailing the evidence they accumulated in the raid on the ACLU lawyer’s home. It was, according to reports, quite a trove and perhaps may lead to other arrests.

What is remarkable about this event is not just the report of another arrest in the war on the worst of Internet crimes, but the complete silence by most of the mass media in reporting this event. With the exception of ABC and the Fox Television Network, none of the biggies has touched this one.

The New York Times, the Washington Post, the Associated Press, NBC, CBS and CNN television networks have self-imposed a blanket of secrecy about the arrest of Rusty-Tierney.

Which leads me to offer my own observation. Had Rust-Tierney been president of the Virginia Baptist Association, a state Republican Party executive, an officer of the National Rifle Association or working for some conservative think tank he would be all over the news.

The handling of the Rust-Tierney arrest by the big media once again is a stark reminder of their duplicity and betrayal of journalistic ethics. They are constantly shaming themselves with their hypocrisy and the sooner they all go out of business the safer we all will be.


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