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Preacher of Hate Doesn’t Have a Clue

By Carl Langley

web posted March 17, 2008
GUEST COLUMN – Dr. Jeremiah Wright, the raving lunatic who pastors a Chicago church, is about to do to Barack Obama what Hillary Clinton has not been able to do: deliver a knockout punch in the Democratic presidential primary.

Wright, who spouts foaming at the mouth sermons blaming white people for everything from starting wars to AIDs infestations, has put Barack in an untenable position.

Barack is making a feeble effort to disassociate himself from Wright, but it’s hard to do when the mouthy preacher is one of his icons. Wright is the one who married Barack to his wife Michelle and baptized their two daughters.

Incredibly, Barack, who has been a member of Wright’s church for 20 years, says he has never heard Wright deliver a fire and brimstone harangues against white people. If so, he can hear them on the Fox Television network or any one of several radio talk shows.

Barack doesn’t have to worry about the major newspapers and television networks. They are providing cover for him because they don’t have enough spine to report honestly and fairly on these awful diatribes being spread on white people. If you don’t believe me ask Geraldine Ferraro, now a pariah for speaking the truth.

If you believe Barack hasn’t heard some of the bilious Wright’s hate speech, then I have some swampland to sell you at the going rate for beachfront property.

While Wright has been telling his lies, the verbose and nimble Barack is trying to convince us he isn’t a member of the hallelujah chorus at Wright’s church. And he’s very good at political dodge ball. He has managed to stay in front of Hillary in the vote and delegate counts leading up to the Democratic nomination, but that’s only because Dear Hillary is hated by overwhelming numbers, even in her own party.

God help the Republic if either of these two is elected president. That would be a nightmare scenario that not even the most gifted Hollywood script writer could fashion. I shudder at the very thought of either of these two being handed the No. 1 job in America.

I would like to remind the reverend Wright that white people built this country, and all the other countries where the Caucasian race is dominant. Blacks have been in Africa for thousands upon thousands of years but they all were living off the land until the white folks showed up. They are still living in mud huts, and whose fault is that?

I direct your attention to the historical record in support of my commentary about white folks. The Nobel prizes in all the sciences have been dominated by Caucasians since their inception, and the majority of those salutes to academic achievement belong to Jewish scientists.

Wright and a fellow fool by the name of Louis Farrakhan have a problem with Jews. Envy leads to hate and hate leads to violence, and that’s why the Jewish people have been vilified for centuries by the lesser ones.

I assume Wright lives in a nice home, with heating and cooling, electricity, a water supply and bathroom facilities. I remind him that all of those luxuries were made possible by the ingenuity of white engineers and scientists.

Knowing how black ministers enjoy the best, I imagine Wright drives a big luxury automobile, another invention of a white engineer. If he takes air trips that also is courtesy of the fertile minds of white engineers. If he enjoys the pleasures of a radio, television and the telephone, he can thank a white man for those creations.

I could go on and on but it would useless information for a man whose only contribution to our times is superheated rhetoric. Our only saving grace is he spares us the mindless rhyming of a Jesse Jackson or bellowing through a bullhorn like Al Sharpton.

Let me cite a case of more recent vintage. Less than 20 years ago the black nation of Zimbabwe had thousands of white farmers who employed tens of thousands of blacks and their agricultural contributions fed all of Africa.

Then Zimbabwe’s government was taken over by a black thug named Robert Mugabe, who ousted the white farmers from their lands and gave the farms to his cronies. Just as expected, the land went back to the jungle and now the people of Zimbabwe are starving, while inflation roars along at 1,000 percent. No one can survive that, but liberals are pleading for the western world to feed the multitudes.

Mugabe, for a footnote, is now in his 80s and is beset with various ailments. Guess who cares for him? Why white doctors in France, where he flies in a private plane for his treatments. His citizens make do with witch doctors and whatever else they can find.

Considering the historical record, it is more than a bit foolish for Wright, whose only apparent gift is the ability to spew out wretched words and ignorant claims, to walk about at the pulpit and shout against people whose major fault is suffering idiots. I, unlike my brethren in the news business, don’t suffer idiots.

But getting back to Barack. He now will have to shift his focus from meaningless commentary about “hope” and “change” and get down to the nitty gritty - meaning just what is government all about?

In other words, he will have to set in stone his programs and plans to make this a better country. It’s going to take a lot of work, and we will see how he intends to proceed. Unless, of course, he has to devote most of his time to explaining away his preacher.

Personally, I don’t think Obama has a clue on how to run the most powerful nation on earth. If he has, I think he would have laid out his program a long time ago. The only things I have heard him say are tax the rich and bring the troops home.

Honk, if you have heard him say anything meaningful, such as straightening out the economy, improving the nation’s infrastructure and lifting high school seniors to a third grade reading level. In one Miami high school only 1 in 10 seniors can read.

I must confess I have not bought nor read either of the two books Barack claims to have written, but I probably have not missed anything. I suspect both of them are full of the same nonsense he has been spouting on the campaign trail.

In closing, let me submit my own nightmare scenario. That would be Hillary and Barack tap dancing along on the Democratic ticket as a team. If that should happen and they are lucky enough to fool a majority of the voters then we need to bend over and grab our ankles.

I would like to remind the reverend Wright of the comment made by Mark Twain . He remarked that it was best to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Wright probably has never heard of Mark Twain, who, by the way, was a white guy.

Someone has to tell the truth here, and it might as well be me.


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