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Is High Court Poised to Disarm the Lawful?

By Carl Langley
Guest Columnist

web posted March 24, 2008
GUEST COLUMN – The Supreme Court of the United States is considering a lawsuit brought by a Washington, D.C., man and others who want to preserve the right to keep a handgun in their homes for protection against the nation’s increasingly brazen criminal element.
I am hopeful that the high court will safeguard this precious right of our citizens to defend themselves against those who come in the night to rob and often kill homeowners and their kin.
While I am hopeful, I must confess to being apprehensive. The court  justices include David Souter, Stephen Breyer, John Paul Stevens and Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who tend to agree with the social agenda of the liberal elite of our country.
Breyer is a special case. He actually believes our constitutional laws should at times be subservient to foreign laws, and in doing so reminds me this nation has had to endure a lot of fools in courtrooms large and small.
I remind all that those who sit in our highest courts and our wealth liberals enjoy privileges we ordinary people don’t have, thus they have no reason to fear the predators that stalk our streets.
High court justices cannot be fired except for the most egregious behavior, their salaries are guaranteed forever, they get the best government services  available and they can jail anyone they please. They live in gated communities with armed guards on alert as they sleep, they go to work in chauffeured limousines and they travel in guarded circles.
Who needs a gun with that kind of security?
The weapons ownership case now before the court is the first real test of a citizen’s right to protect his or her life against the forces of evil flourishing in our society. The government entity behind this challenge to individual security is Washington, D.C., the most outrageous place on the planet.
Our nation’s capital enjoys the distinction of being overrun by thugs and lawbreakers who would like nothing more than to see its law-abiding residents stripped of the right to protect themselves. The criminals are not only out on the streets, some even work for the city. Recently I read where a large number of Washington’s civil servants were accused of selling tax breaks and padding expense accounts.
What a lovely place!
The gun ownership case has taken a long time to get to the high court. Some thirty years ago the Washington governing council enacted a law banning the possession of handguns by the capitol’s residents. Even long guns, rifles and shotguns, have to be kept disassembled and under lock and key.  Meanwhile, Washington’s never-ending population of criminals are conducting their own arms race. It is an unfair fight, to say the least.
A fact that liberals won’t talk about is despite the no-gun for the law-abiding law, Washington is the most dangerous city in America. Its annual per capita murder rate exceeds the battlefields of Iraq, or most anywhere else. Washington’s rulers, like all elitists, never learn.
A few days before I began to write this piece two college coeds were slain on, of all places, the very campuses where they went to prepare for their life’s work. In both cases, they were shot to death by thugs seeking money. A thug may be worthless in a classroom, but most are smart enough to know that college students have cash in their pockets and most of them have ATM cards.
The ATM machine is the greatest gift our banking system has given to the criminal element. I have never used one, nor do I intend to ever use one.
While the high court is pondering the right to bear arms issue it would be wise to consider three separate murders-for-money that occurred recently and took from among us the best and brightest in our society.
Lauren Burk, a freshman at Auburn University, was the first to die. She was shot to death while walking to her campus dormitory room. Courtney Lockhart, her alleged killer, now sits in an Alabama jail after being caught with Miss Burk’s possessions. The defense at his capital punishment trial probably will attempt to show that he found Miss Burk’s belongings while out for a walk.
Lockhart is betrayed by his background, and he is a real gem. He was described as a bully while in elementary and high schools where he entertained himself by picking on weaker students. He went into the Army but was kicked out with a dishonorable discharge after attacking a sergeant. He then took his talents to the streets, and there he found the poor little coed.
Lockhart’s trial could be attended by such stalwart defenders of justice as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Qannel 10, spokesman for the New Black Panther Party. These three remind me of buzzards, circling a carcass while ranting and raving about civil rights and justice. They all are veterans of campaigning for the Jena 6, where cash contributions supposedly to pay for defending some more thugs has turned up missing. Such is life among the dens of thieves!
In North Carolina, the stupidity of the average garden variety thug helped law enforcement officers track down the killers of Eve Carson, a North Carolina University senior and student body president, and at nearby Duke University a young man named Abhijit Mahato, an exchange student from India who was only 24 but working on his doctorate.
Miss Carson‘s life was snuffed out for her money, her car and her ATM Card. She was on the way to work in her campus office in the early morning hours. Thieves and murderers generally sleep all day and stay up all night, meaning they were near their time to turn in for the day when they found Miss Carson.
Authorities tracked down her accused killer, Lawrence Lovett, because he was stupid enough to have his picture taken while sitting in Miss Carson’s car and using her ATM card at a drive-in window. The cops also nabbed Lovett’s buddy, Dimario Atwater, at the same time. Lovett was not limited to street ambushes. Shortly after his arrest he and another punk, Stephen Oates, were arrested in the killing of Mahato in his dormitory room on the Duke campus.
Let me pause here to say that Lockhart, Lovett, Atwater and Oates have no association with the halls of higher learning, but these skunks know who has the money and who is the most vulnerable. And they know how to extract it from the wallets and bank accounts of their victims. In their world you kill people first, then go through their purses and wallets.
The slayings of Miss Burk, Miss Carson and Mahato are difficult to take for the most caring among us, and it is a horror that will last a lifetime for the grieving relatives who will never be able to shake off the trauma and mental agony thrust upon them.
The families of Miss Burk, Miss Carson and Mahato will suffer on these anniversaries each year.
Just as repugnant for me and other taxpayers is the certainty that law-abiding, decent and compassionate people will have to fork over thousands upon thousands of dollars to lawyers who will try to get these skunks off the hook. I can see the lawyers now building up insanity defenses, or trying to claim they were somewhere else when foul play was afoot..
I am from the Judge Roy Bean school of justice, meaning I would tie ropes around the necks of these b-------s and drag them behind a pickup truck until there is little left to bury. Even then it would take a mighty strong buzzard to pick at the bones of these stinking scumbags.
Lockhart, Lovett and all the others like them remind me of the reason I dropped my opposition to abortion years ago. If they had been aborted their victims would be alive and well today. I hope the Supreme Court will take into account the need for good people to carry a firearm to protect themselves from street rats like these.
I have a gun and I don’t plan to give it up, no matter what the Supreme Court says about the Second Amendment. So Breyer, Souter, Ginsberg, Stevens (the court’s most liberal members) and any other idiot judge who bans the right of law-abiding people to protect themselves from the scum can go directly to Hell.


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