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Wanted Now: A few Good Men to Lead Us

By: Carl Langley
EdgefieldDaily.com Guest Columnist

web posted April 4, 2007

GUEST COLUMN – It’s a shame that this country and our motherland of Great Britain no longer have people like Viscount Kitchener, Bomber Harris, Chesty Puller and George Patton to help reinforce the principles of a democratic society.
I long for these distinguished gentlemen, these stalwart defenders of liberty and freedom, whenever I read about the latest lunatic tactics of the Islamic crazies.
We could use a few good men in the Middle East as the British desperately use diplomatic means to deal with the criminals who brazenly seized its nation’s citizens on the high seas.
The British are burdened by the same type weasels that populate our State Department. I refer to those who think talk will help them deal with  monsters who gouge out eyes, cut off hands and behead those who fail to pass Islamic muster.
Sadly, the British, who had 15 sailors plucked off their boat by the Islamic nuts, are getting a dose of what happened to our embassy officials and staff in Tehran in 1979 when mobs of rabble took over their buildings and held them hostage for more than a year.
For centuries a foreign embassy has been regarded as sacred turf, an extension of a nation’s borders, until the Muslims began their crazed rampages against western civilizations.
In the Shatt-al-Arab, a narrow ribbon of water on the Iraq and Iran borders, the loonies seized the sailors nearly two weeks ago. Since then they have demonstrated their lack of civility and diplomatic courtesy by parading their captives before television cameras in a propaganda assault on western values.
For as long anyone with a sense and grasp of history can remember seizing other nations’ citizens amounts to an act of war and can be met with overpowering and violent force. That has not happened and will not happen because the leaders of the western world are in full retreat.
I find it rather odd that the Hollywood left and assorted other liberal anti-war activists have not uttered a peep about this scandalous act but are quick to criticize anything this country does.
When the American embassy was overrun our President was Jimmy Carter, a man without the courage to use military force. Poor little Jimmy believed in negotiations, the first mark of a coward when confronted with a hostile force.

Wisely, the American people a year later chose Ronald Reagan to replace the wimpish Carter and the Iranians turned our people loose. They knew that Reagan was a man not to be trifled with and perhaps could hear the hum of bombers‘ engines getting ready for takeoff.
Sadly, the British, who coined the term keep a stiff upper lip in the face of adversity and use force whenever necessary  are exhibiting the same characteristics of the Carter administration. That is, they are busy sending diplomatic notes of protest and are hoping that the Iranian thugs will cave in to weasel words. A foreign service bureaucrats’ best talent is writing notes and issuing declarations.
Anyone with half a brain should realize that the Iranian criminals respect only one thing: the Stalinist principle that power comes out of the barrel of a gun. In other words, you don‘t sit around a table making small talk while hoping that soothing words and a condescending manner can charm the beasts that bounce about in bed sheets and rags wrapped around their heads.
The ones without codes of honor should get a full dose of the Kitchener approach. The famed field marshal was the British field commander in the Middle East in the 1880s, and he quickly put to rout the Muslim gangsters running the place. Kitchener knew the crazies only respected force and he set about to show them some real force.
In one celebrated case, Kitchener, informed that several of his men had been killed by a Muslim gang, rounded up 100 of the worst of the stinking lot and had them shot. The bodies were thrown into a large pit and a pig was shot and thrown in on top of them. He had no more trouble with Muslims.
Bomber Harris became one of Great Britain’s most effective and celebrated architects of air war in 1942 by devising attacks on German cities. His air force answered German air raids on British cities by firebombing and one of the casualties was the picturesque city of Dresden, which was burned to a crisp.
Puller was a legendary Marine commander in World War II and Korea who believed offense was the best defense. In one noted account, Puller, a division commander in Korea, was informed by a staff aide one night that their force was surrounded by North Korean and Red Chinese troops.
“Good, now we can kill the  bastards in all directions,” Puller told his aide.
Patton was a larger than life field commander. He believed he was the reincarnation of Alexander the Great, and he set about to reinforce his belief. He was one of the great commanders of World War II who succeeded despite some personal misadventures.
Yes, the free world can use some Pattons and Pullers, Harrises and Kitcheners at this point in our history. It will take people like those to save us from the Muslim hell that is being visited upon every corner of the world. The big question is do those who love freedom and fear living their lives under the terms of the Koran have the will to rise up and resist. Day by day, those we elect to office and those lucky enough to have national forums betray the very foundations upon which this nation was built. They now have begun to burn our soldiers in effigy, a sign that the rot is seeping into the core of the republic.

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