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Racial Rabble Rouser Could Use a History Lesson

By Carl Langley
EdgefieldDaily.com Guest Columnist

web posted May 1, 2007
GUEST COLUMN – Al Sharpton, the New York street preacher, racial gadfly and proven outright liar, was able to gin up so much verbal heat he cost a nationally syndicated radio talk show host his job, but poor Al still can’t pass a 5th grade history test.

In one of his most outlandish declarations during the Don Imus debacle, Sharpton scolded his white critics by calling them the descendants of people who were living in caves when blacks built the pyramids.

While considering pyramid construction, let me note that there is nothing particularly unique about people stacking blocks one atop the other to form a rectangular design. What was remarkable is a fact that Sharpton has no connection with architectural history.

The pyramids were built because the ones who thought them up also thought up the inclined plane, which allowed the construction in the first place. The next time you see Al you might want to ask him what an inclined plane is. He probably will tell you it‘s an airplane that has lost its wheels. That‘s how dumb he really is. Bnt Lawdy, lawdy, does he have a mouth and he is not hesitant to use it.

For the record, the pyramids were built by Egyptians, people who archaeologists and genetics researchers believe came from the same Mediterranean line as the Greeks, Italians, Jews and other branches.

Over the course of centuries all these peoples split into different branches, mainly due to disputes involving religion. Religion, for those ignorant about human suffering, has been the root cause of more deaths than any of the viral and bacterial plagues that have visited the earth.

The pyramids certainly were not the creation of the black populations of Africa. In fact, those people, who arose in central Africa, were living in mud and straw huts and scavenging their neighborhoods for sustenance when British, French, Dutch, Belgian, Spanish and Portuguese explorers crossed the Mediterranean to colonize Africa.

Today, Brits, French, Belgians, Dutch, Spaniards and Portuguese descendants of the early explorers weep and wail and condemn their forefathers for wandering so far from home. The wanderings succeeded in stirring up legacies of revenge and hate that endure to this day and will endure for centuries to come.

Sharpton, by the way, is no stranger to fomenting trouble for others and creating his own legacy of hate and revenge. He nearly got away with spreading a massive lie involving a woman’s claim about a rape that never happened. In that unhappy case he took up the cause of a young woman who stayed out too late one night, then trumped up the claim that she was raped by six New York policemen.

Sharpton had a field day with that one and managed to make himself a household name, which was his intent from the start. But a real hero emerged in the case. New York policeman Steven Pagones refused to be intimidated by the lies Sharpton was spreading, took him into a civil court and won an $80,000 award. True to form for Sharpton the award finally was paid off by those foolish enough to put their faith in his claims.

Sharpton, who is so full of himself he is near to bursting, is not alone in passing off fake history as modern day fact. I once heard one of his predecessors declare on National Public Television that blacks were flying airplanes in Egypt a thousand years before the birth of Christ.

I know for a fact that it took nearly 3,000 years and the invention of the internal combustion engine to get a heavier-than-air craft into the wild blue yonder. Let us pause here and give thanks to Wilbur and Orville Wright, who are discredited by those ignorant of history or outright liars. Take your pick.

Imus, the sharp-tempered and nasty-mouthed radio host who lost his job because of Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and others primping the racial pump, was profuse, almost shameful, in his apologies to Sharpton’s gang but it did him no good. He and his entire staff were wiped off the airwaves by his station bosses who peek under their beds to see if Sharpton is there before turning in for the night.

It was sad to see Imus plead for help from Harold Ford Jr., a black congressman from Tennessee. Imus said Ford Jr. was the man the people needed in the U.S. Senate race. For months and months prior to last year’s elections Imus championed Ford Jr. as the man Tennessee needed. Ford Jr. still lost, but he made it a close race mainly because of Imus’ support.

To Imus’ horror Ford Jr. proved to be no different from any other politician when the real test of friendship came. When the heat began building on Imus over what was called racially charged remarks he had made on his radio show, Imus called out for Ford Jr.’s support but it never came.

“Where is Harold Ford Jr?’’ Imus asked plaintively one morning before he got the axe from radio executives without backbones. Ford Jr. said after Imus was thrown overboard that he couldn’t defend his benefactor. So much for loyalty. The question now is will Imus or anyone else in his right mind support Ford Jr. during the next election cycle?

In the end, they all deserved one another - Sharpton, Imus and Ford.

BUSINESSMAN OF THE YEAR: My nominee is Catarino Piedra, an Oakland, Calif., pizza shop owner. Piedra shot dead a man trying to rob his pizza shop. Police said Allen Joseph Hicks III was killed after brandishing a gun during a stickup. A state prosecutor said Piedra would not be prosecuted because he was protecting his business.

Hicks got what he deserved, but that didn’t deter his criminal friends. They set up a makeshift memorial for the dead holdup man, leaving balloons, candles and bottles of cognac at the site. The ones who participated are real mental cases. Hicks was planning on becoming a rap artist, but Piedra put a permanent hold on those plans.

SAFETY FOR A SKUNK: Jack Rhodes, a New York street thug who became famous for beating up two women, one 101-years-old, the other 84-years-old, to take the meager contents of their purses, is being held in a private cell in a New York jail awaiting trial.

Rhodes, 44, was isolated to protect him from some of his fellow inmates who don’t take kindly to people beating up old folks. A spokesman for the jail said guards reported overhearing several inmates saying they couldn’t wait to get their hands on Rhodes.

Rhodes, a newspaper reports, has been leading a charmed life in New York despite his habit of mugging other people for their money. He is a master at escaping justice and at the time he mugged the old ladies he was on the streets waiting trial for thievery, robbery and other offenses ..

Rhodes and others like him enjoy charmed lives because today’s prison reformers believe keeping criminals locked up while waiting for trial prevents them from gathering evidence that would help them stay out of jail. They also claim incarceration prior to trial damages their self esteem and erodes their confidence.

If you think like me you think prison reform advocates should be locked up with people like Jack Rhodes for a period of time. I’ll bet after a few nights in the same cell with Rhodes most of them would readjust their thinking about jailing evildoers.


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