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Langley: United Nations to investigate the US for racism

By Carl Langley
Guest Columnist
web posted May 19, 2008
GUEST COLUMN – The United Nations, long a haven for the planet’s worst criminals, including liars, thieves and sex offenders, is back at it again, and again the United States is the target of its arrogance and pomposity. The Reuters news agency, always willing and able to circulate any information derogatory to our country, reports that the UN is sending one of its own to investigate racism in America.

May I suggest that the UN first investigate racism in Africa or the Middle East, places where white farmers have been killed to seize their lands or the Arabic world where Jews and Christians face up each day to murder in the most willful of ways.

The UN’s special delegate to the US is a Senegalese who is most aptly named. Doudou Diene (pronounced doo-doo / di-any) will get a close up look at racism in America and file a report.

Old Doo Doo (and we good old southern types know what that name means) can be expected to file a voluminous set of papers condemning America for its mistreatment of people of color.

This will avoid, of course, those people of color seen driving big cars, wearing fancy clothes, living in upscale mansions around the nation’s major cities and holding down big jobs in the public and private sectors.

As Reuters explained it, Doo Doo wants to examine the large numbers of black folks locked in the nation’s jails for such minor crimes as mugging, carjacking, burglary, armed robbery, drug dealing and the daily killings that go on in the major cities.

I suggest Doo Doo should add stops in Auburn, Alabama, Chapel Hill, North Carolina and Knoxville, Tenn. to his itinerary. There he can chat it up with a number of jailed blacks who murdered and robbed college coeds for their spending money and relatives of a white couple abducted, tortured and slain after their car was stopped at a traffic light.

Doo Doo’s bosses at the UN said his investigation follows a report by a UN panel which examined racism in the US previously and condemned racial profiling of folks living here who are of Arabic, Muslim and South Asian descent.

The report, which purportedly said the UN wanted to insure that immigrants and non-nationals were not mistreated on entering this country, made no mention of the fact that the 21 men who flew American jetliners into the World Trade Towers on 9/11/2001 were Arabs.

When such a major act of violence is made against a country, when more than 3,000 innocent people were murdered, and the criminals responsible were brown-skinned and wore bathrobes and turbans, then I rightfully become suspicious of people who fit the description of those who would most enjoy bringing us harm. If you get on an airliner, a train or a bus these days looking like an Arab, then you can bet fellow passengers will be keeping an eye on you.

Doo Doo, described as a lawyer from Senegal (which is enough of a disqualifier for any report he files), is supposed to arrive in the US this week and will be with us for three weeks.

The only ones I can think of who are wildly anticipating his arrival are the bureaucrats at the UN, who need any kind of report to justify their miserable jobs, and New York’s overflow population of effete liberals who enjoy standing around looking important at wine and cheese receptions for piles of crap from the bowels of the UN.

Five years after the end of World War II I was a freshman in college and studied American government and international relations while rooting for Joe McCarthy, the patriot and U.S. senator, to purge communists who had infiltrated our country. McCarthy was attacked by a host of liberals who managed to convince too many of my fellow Americans that the senator, a World War II hero, was bad for our country. Meanwhile, Joe Stalin, who murdered more than 30 million people, was held up by liberal college professors as a reformer of the first order.

During the years immediately after World War II the world’s nations fell prey to the liberal line and created the UN, which was supposed to enable world order but became an incubator for those out to destroy this country. So far they have not succeeded but they work at it day and night, and Doo Doo’s visit is a prime example of that. Meanwhile, the UN has been so good at peacemaking there are only 35 wars now going on around the planet.

If history proves me right and justice is served, old Doo Doo may not recognize his own country when, and if, he ever gets back to Senegal. Africa has a glorious history of people leaving to visit us less enlightened folks, then returning home to find another tinpot dictator has taken over and is busy slaughtering all who disagree with the new order. In this case, think Idi Amin and Robert Mugabe.

Once the colonial powers were forced out 40 to 50 years ago, taking with them the very people who create an orderly society, Africa reverted to its primordial past and nation after nation became inflicted with poverty, disease, starvation and constantly in need of UN medical and food assistance.

Jeremiah Wright, presidential contender Barack Obama’s spiritual mentor, never mentions that most of the world’s most dread diseases are of African origin. Included among them is AIDS, which Wright claims was started by the US government to infect black folks. I didn’t know Wright did medical research as a sideline. Let’s face it folks, Africa is a basket case where repair has never worked.

The UN claims Doo Doo‘s visit and inspection was needed because this country may be on the verge of electing its first black president, meaning the aforementioned Obama. Barack is already on record as planning to import 10,000 of Africa‘s top scholars to America to study ways to improve things back in the motherland.

I am betting that if he brings over 10,000 of Doo Doo‘s ethnic group for study at Harvard, Yale and other places he will be lucky if he can talk a dozen of them in returning to the motherland. There's something about this country‘s lifestyle of loud music, drugs, fornication, sexually explicit movies and generally degenerate social structure that proves to be a stronger magnet than studying and implementing the sciences that improve the lives of all.

And before I forget, have a nice visit with us Doo Doo. And don’t hang around with our liberal elite. Get out and about and talk with the average, everyday American. You may very well learn something that will contribute to your report. Unless you have already written it!


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