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Current political leaders "Nut jobs"

By Carl Langley
web posted May 21, 2010
GUEST COLUMN – If you are wondering just how bad it has gotten in this country when it comes to fixing blame for outrageous acts, then I hope you heard some of the inane, absolutely stupid comments made by people you would expect to know better.

I refer to the commentaries of New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, New York congressman Gerald Nadler and MSNBC news reader Contessa Brewer before the man arrested for attempting to blow up a busy street in New York with a crudely fashioned car bomb turned out to be a Muslim radical.

Bloomberg was the first one out of the box, proclaiming that the attempted bombing of the New York street had to be a “right wing” nut job. Then came Nadler, saying, without a scintilla of proof, that it had to be the work of a right winger, Tea Partier or an aggrieved conservative.

But Brewer was the most outlandish of the bunch. She gets her award for stupid because of her wishful thinking. She told a liberal talk radio host she hoped the attempted bomber would turn out to be a member of the Tea Party or some other conservative protest group and not some innocent Muslim.

The comments by these three know-nothings show the liberal mindset that has managed to take this country by the throat and is well on its way to destroying this society, once the envy of the entire world.

The most shameful of all is Bloomberg, who made it into the ranks of the billionaires thanks to his ability to play the financial markets. It’s a shame that his ability to make money isn’t connected to an ability to determine who and what is to blame for outrageous behavior.

Bloomberg, if my recall is correct, is the same man who talked the political hacks on the New York City Council to enact an ordinance allowing him to serve a third term. He is the same man who sent undercover operatives into several southern states to buy guns at pawn shops, hardware stores, sporting goods shop and the like in his misguided, one-man campaign to get tighter federal gun laws enacted.

It took the Supreme Court to put this self-serving excuse for a mayor in his place by ruling that the Second Amendment grants American citizens the right to keep and bear arms. Unfortunately, the legal slap in the face to Bloomberg didn’t disperse the fog that clouds his mind.

Bloomberg is a disgrace because he wants to deprive lawful citizens of the right to own a gun to protect themselves, while ignoring the fact that lawbreakers have ready access to all the guns they need, When caught carrying a gun New York’s criminals get only a slap on the wrist from a judiciary populated mainly by self-serving politicians with little grasp of the law.

When the perpetrator in the attempted bombing was caught he turned out to be a Pakistani Muslim, who holds American citizenship granted less than five years ago. If you are a Muslim you can rest assured your citizenship ticket will be punched before the ink is dry on the documents. The jihadist told investigators he planned the mass murder scheme in retaliation for American forces killing his fellow murderers in Pakistan.

I have not heard Bloomberg, Nadler or Brewer apologize for their stupid comments, but that‘s the way it is with liberals. They say something stupid, then lapse into silence when the facts prove them wrong. If a conservative made a foolish statement the liberals would be screaming for apologies or corrections.

People like Bloomberg, Nadler and Brewer take refuge in silence, which usually is a coward’s best way out. Just hunker down and let it all blow over. But there always are a few (like me) who refuse to let these dolts get away with it.

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