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A Hate Crime is in the Eye of the Beholder

By Carl Langley
EdgefieldDaily.com Guest Columnist

web posted June 7, 2007
GUEST COLUMN – In the busy race-baiting worlds inhabited by Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton any unkind word spoken by a white person against a person of color is a hate crime, and so are actions that are later found to be false but whose revelations are greeted with silence

I refer to the bogus rape charges brought against three Duke University lacrosse players more than a year ago, charges that were amplified and lied about to obtain indictments.

Now, after the Duke sham has been exposed and the Duke players declared innocent of the charges, Jackson, Sharpton, the Duke administration, the city of Durham, N.C., its police department, some shady members of the Duke faculty and Durham County prosecutor Mike Nifong are in full retreat.

Nifong, in a feverish bid to win election to a nothing job, was willing to throw three young men to the wolves, despite the fact that he did not have one scintilla of evidence that would stand up in any court in the land. He also violated one of the inviolate duties of any prosecutor: to free the innocent was well as convict the guilty.

Not to be left out of this ungodly mix of police, prosecutors and race pushers was the New Black Panther Party, a collection of people who some suspect refuse honest jobs because it would interfere with their marching about in public places, shaking their fists and standing on street corners drenched in delusions about white violence while vowing revenge.

What a mess we have here! Can any of these people, from Nifong on down, be equated with honest, law-abiding citizens. I hardly think so. Nifong is due for a hearing this month that may well decide his future as a lawyer, much less that of a state prosecutor. He is in jeopardy of disbarment. I am pulling for him to go to jail, preferably to sit in one of the same cells he had reserved for the Duke lacrosse players.

I thought about hate crimes back in January when a young Knoxville, Tenn., couple were carjacked at an intersection, carried to a hidden location, tortured, raped and murdered.

Chrstopher Newsom’s body was found two days after the carjacking. His body was burned and discarded like so much garbage beside a railroad track near Knoxville. Channon Christian, Newsom’s girlfriend was raped, tortured and murdered and her body stashed in a large garbage can that was found in a rundown house rented by one of four suspects arrested for the carjacking and murder.

Newsom and Christian were white, the four suspects are black. The ones blamed for this horrible crime are now residing in a Tennesee jail, being held without bail as the counts pile up on them. I am not politically correct or burdened by the worn-out phrase of innocent until proven guilty. I thank God Tennessee is a death penalty state.

I wonder why Jesse and Al, who seems to operate best while talking through a bullhorn, didn’t rush down to Tennessee and deplore the murders of two young people who never bothered anyone. Surely in their world this one easily qualifies as a hate crime.

Since Jesse and Al have chosen to ignore this deplorable case, let me help them with the names of the defendants. One of them, called the ringleader, is particularly odious. His name is Lemaricus Davidson, and he is a lifetime criminal who probably never did an honest day’s work in his life - unless he spent some time on a road gang. The others are Letalvis Cobbins, Vanessa Coleman and George Thomas.

My fervent wish is that they all rot in Hell, where they most assuredly will be heading someday. At my age I won’t be around when the needle is plunged into their veins but I will leave behind my vote to put them out of this world as soon as possible. I wished the same for Donald (Pee Wee) Gaskins, a monster who grew up in my hometown and killed more than a dozen people before he was given his ticket to eternity.

Now let me fast-forward to late May. Here we have a case that although not murder could easily have been so but for the courage and toughness of a high school teacher in Mobile, Ala. Melinda Rudisill had to overcome the effects of a vicious, cowardly attack outside her own classroom. She will forever carry a scar above one of her eyes that took 20 stitches to close.

Mrs. Rudisill had just left her classroom when she was assaulted by Randolph Parker, a thug with a single digit IQ who was going to be recommended for expulsion by Mrs. Rudisill. The teacher had grown tired of his use of profanity in her class.

Parker’s plan, a premeditated attack if there ever was one, was to beat Mrs. Rudisill severe enough that she would get the message and withdraw her expulsion recommendation. A scan of Parker’s brain probably would show a shriveled organ about the size of a walnut.

Unfortunately for Parker, the vicious attack was videotaped by one of his cohorts, a fellow star student by the name of Dominick Harris. The best thing about thugs are they tend to be monumentally stupid. Harris’ picture taking of the beating was of such quality it furnished police with all the evidence needed to bring charges against both of them.

Parker’s bond was set at $250,000 and bond for Harris, a co-conspirator, was set at $100,000. Those amounts are likely to keep them in jail until the Alabama court system deals with their case. It also is likely that these two non-Fulbright scholars will spend a lot of time in jail, after which they probably will hit the streets looking for more trouble. If true justice is served, the next time they find trouble they may end up six feet under.

Mrs. Rudisill, it was reported, plans to return to teaching in the fall but has indicated she will ask to be transferred to another school. By nature school administrators are a fearful, timid lot not prone to hear the pleadings of teachers and parents but I suspect Mrs. Rudisill will get her wish.

The Mobile attack is another case that cried out for intervention and condemnation by Jesse, Al and the Wild Bunch (meaning the New Black Panther Party), but they probably were busy sitting around and plotting new extortion tactics to use on American businesses.

These two horrendous acts never got the attention of the New York Times, The Washington Post, the major television networks and those organizations that constantly chide white Americans for failing to show proper sympathy for those of different ethnic backgrounds.

Let us pause to note that it’s hard to be sympathetic to the monsters out to kill and maim those unfortunate enough to trigger their hatred, and it’s even harder to be sympathetic to those who turn a blind eye to crimes of violence of any kind.

All this leads me to ask a few questions of people like Jesse, Al, the ACLU legal eagles who pick and choose their cases, the editorial boards of major newspapers, the news directors of television networks, the liberal elements of our society and all their fellow travelers.

I have a question for these types. If some people torture their victims before killing them and others plot revenge in school hallways are these not acts of hate? If not, what then constitutes a hate crime?

I await answers from those I have cited above, but I fear my wait will be a long one.


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