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Rogue Prosecutor Caught in His Own Web

By: Carl Langley
EdgefieldDaily.com Guest Columnist

web posted June 22, 2007
GUEST COLUMN – In the summer of 2006 there was general agreement among anyone with half a brain that Durham County. N.C., prosecutor Mike Nifong’s charges of rape, kidnap and sexual assault against three Duke University lacrosse players eventually would blow up in his face.

Now, as expected, his case has fallen apart in a cascade of lies and arrogance, and Nifong, who planned to put the lacrosse players behind bars for many years, may go to jail himself for abusing the powers of his office.

In a hearing that ended on the eve of Father’s Day, the North Carolina Bar Association found Nifong wrongfully and willfully indicted the lacrosse players of sexual assault.

He was accused of deceit and deception in a case that put liberal elite and other haters to foaming at the mouth and screaming for retribution. Deceit and deception were some of the nicer things said about Nifong as this pitiful case fell into ashes.

Nifong’s fall from grace should put the quietus on the lunatic fringe that infests our society, but don’t bet on it. These idiots never seem to learn, especially when it involves black and white issues, or more specifically white on black crime.

On his shameful journey of corruption stemming from claims about Duke athletes raping a black woman Nifong gathered support among the liberal news media, leftist intellectuals (if you can call such skunks intellectuals), race baiters and race haters and all the other smelly residue of society.

Those who swallowed Nifong’s bizarre proclamations about what he and his cheerleaders called privileged white boys sexually assaulting a helpless black girl were the predictable and usual suspects in such a case.

May a pox fall upon these vile creatures! May their lies and evil never be forgotten!

The ones I recall most vividly are the troopers of the New Black Panther Party, Jesse Jackson and the liberal rats that have found comfortable nesting places in places like Duke. Their co-conspirators include liberal reporters and news commentators, talk show hosts (think Nancy Grace) and others who never seem to learn.

By far the worst were the leftists roosting in the faculty at Duke, where studies about social issues are equal to, or perhaps even more exalted, than the sciences (physics, math, chemistry and engineering), the very studies that define the American society and have made it the envy of the world.

Can anyone tell me how you can build a substantive career with degrees in gay/lesbian studies or African American history or other disciplines which I, or anyone else with common sense, cannot understand? Or what’s more, we don’t want to understand and wish all this nonsense would go away.

The liberal Duke faculty members, who are entrusted to the education of young people whose parents pay through the nose to mold them for their life work, rightfully can be described as the most odious and worthless of a sorry bunch. Their teachings are absolutely worthless in a world that demands that we be the best we can be.

For more than a year, Nifong and a witless black woman with a shabby background were the heroes of the scum that would drag us into the abyss with them.. Now, after the bar association hearing and a verdict stripping Nifong of his license to practice law, the time has come to hold them up for what they really are.

The most educationally deprived and culturally depraved I witnessed during the Duke case were the New Black Panthers, who rush to social train wrecks dragging along the police records attached to their resumes. I wonder if these people hold real jobs? They parade about and pump out their chests in an effort to be more manly than those they despise.

Jackson, whose church is non-existent but nourished by the social programs paid for by the working class, has not held a meaningful job in some 40 years, but he has made a good living. His profession involves putting American industries and businesses through the intimidation pressure cooker fueled by cries for racial justice. He is the poster boy for the opportunists and money grubbers who populate a world where nothing makes sense unless it fits personal agendas.

Jesse and his followers pale, however, when compared to the Duke administrators and faculty members who have wormed their way into the university system like maggots feeding on a long-dead carcass. A crowd called the Gang of 88 were among the quickest to judge guilty three young men later found to be innocent. Called to choose between them and roaches, give me the roaches!

While I despise them all my disgust is reserved mainly for Nifong, who made it all possible through some of the worst conduct an officer of the court has ever displayed anywhere.. His fall from grace, his disbarment and his lapse into the shadows of the legal profession makes me feel good all over. It has been a long time since I greeted the action of a judicial body with such warmth and good feeling.

Nifong’s moment of truth came June 15, his personal Black Friday, in a Durham courthouse. There, sitting in a witness chair, he broke into tears and sobbingly conceded he acted hastily in bringing rape, kidnap and assault charges against three young men whose lives he has ruined.

If he were an honest man, Nifong would have said he acted in pursuit of his own goal of getting himself elected prosecutor. Now on this day in Durham, with all of his lies exposed, he was the one being prosecuted and the smirk that once lined his face was long gone. Even in his darkest moment he had the gall to suggest he acted out of a sense of duty and believed “something happened“ on the night that gave rise to the avalanche of lies.

At the end of the hearing a committee representing the North Carolina Bar Association said Nifong had engaged in acts of fraud, dishonesty, deceit and misrepresentation while turning the lives of the Duke students and their parents into a nightmare. Unlike the financial costs, the pain inflicted upon the accused cannot be measured.

This repugnant and reprehensible prosecutor through his bogus, self-serving tears, which one lawyer described as a tryout for an Oscar performance, admitted to the North Carolina Bar’s hearing officers what most reasonable and sane people knew all along. He didn’t have a case, and, worse, he knew it from the start. He had used the lies of a prostitute, stripper and alcoholic to help win election to the job of state prosecutor in Durham.

A Durham housewife, whose home is only a few blocks from the courthouse, told a reporter after Nifong fled the hearing that the more intelligent people in her neighborhood knew the case was ridiculous from the start. Nifong should have given her a call. He could have used some of her intelligence and wise counsel.

The year before the Duke case surfaced Nifong was appointed prosecutor by Gov. Mike Easley. He and the governor supposedly had an understanding that it would be an interim appointment, meaning he would serve the remainder of an unexpired term and not offer for election. The governor was betrayed, the first of Nifong‘s many lies.

After taking over as prosecutor, Nifong’s first official action was to fire Freda Black, a fellow prosecutor, because she posed a threat to him. That was the tipoff that the worst was yet to come. In short, he was vengeful and a liar from the start and he planned to run for re-election. A book written about the affair described him as a mean-spirited disputatious person who took particular joy in making life miserable for people caught in legal vises.

With the election looming and trailing in the polls to Ms. Black, the Duke lacrosse case fell right into Nifong’s lap. Using a prosecutor’s unbridled power to indict, Nifong dragged the lacrosse players into court on the shaky claims of Crystal Mangum, an unwed mother, supposed college student and a confirmed liar given to spinning fanciful tales.

Mangum, a woman who is heading nowhere in life, probably can’t afford to buy a decent pair of shoes, but she was portrayed as Little Miss Sunshine by Jesse and the New Black Panther Party‘s goons.

. Nifong planned to use Mangum’s lies to send the Duke trio off to prison terms of 30 years or more, but he made a big mistake. The victim had a terrible background, and it didn‘t take long for sharp defense lawyers to figure that out. She not only was a prostitute and a drunk but a world class liar who had concocted similar stories in the past.

If his choice of a victim wasn’t bad enough, Nifong built his case by publicly condemning the lacrosse players, thus violating a cardinal rule of ethical behavior. Any lawyer, especially a prosecutor, isn’t supposed to try a case in the press. Before his case began falling apart Nifong rarely ran away from a camera or a reporter. Reports are that Nifong made some 70 or more appearances before reporters and television cameras.

If the street theater of the early days wasn’t bad enough, Nifong and the Durham police rigged a photo lineup, and he hid DNA evidence that would have cleared the players. The DNA evidence finally proved to be his undoing.

Nifong’s actions have given birth to a new term in courtroom terminology. If you are the victim of false charges you now have been “nifonged.” What a legacy to leave the profession he disgraced! Now his name will live forever when prosecutorial misconduct and rigged charges arise!

Nifong’s smear tactics and runaway prosecution gained help from a shameful source, the very ones you would expect to defend the lacrosse players. If you are planning to send your child to Duke you should read the accounts of what non-support the accused players got from people who should have acted as surrogate parents.

Nifong was aided and abetted by the cowardly Duke University school administrators, from the weak-chinned president Richard Brodhead on down. The spineless ones, which included Duke vice president John Burness and athletic director Joe Alleva, fired the lacrosse coach, Mike Pressler, and cancelled the team’s season, in their own rush to judgment. Brodhead, Burness and Alleva never offered a word of support to the Duke players, thus they will never be candidates for the Medal of Honor.

If there is a lasting benefit in this disaster it is the exposure of what is going on today on university campuses. The case showed the dark side of the school after the 88 professors took time off from polluting the minds of young people to sign a petition that indirectly and cleverly slammed the accused students. Those who signed the petition now are running for cover. No one should ever again take these skunks seriously.

Before Nifong disgraced Durham, it was well known that Duke, a once proud and highly esteemed university, had been taken over by leftists unable to function in the private sector but ready, willing and at all times able to destroy the free enterprise foundation that built Duke.

Without the skills needed to enter the private sector and fly high in the free market system, these parasites live off the tuition paid by students’ parents while teaching meaningless junk, Their kind are more dangerous to this society than a disease outbreak because they destroy the minds of our young.

These cowards pale in comparison to the true heroes of this sordid affair. I refer here to Reade Seligman, Collin Finnerty and David Evans, the accused lacrosse players, their parents and their lawyers, all of whom were rock solid and never lost faith. Duke officials could learn from those folks.

The Duke players are symbols of what all good parents hope their children become. The three young men were excellent students and athletes. I admire them for standing tall during those long months when their lives were nearly destroyed. There is a good chance they would have gone to jail but for the fact their parents had the financial means to fight back.

I salute the fine team of defense attorneys who worked long, hard hours at breaking down Nifong’s evil plan to wreck their lives. In the spirit of their profession, the lawyers gave Nifong every opportunity to back down from his shabby case but he refused to take their advice..

I pay special tribute to a young defense team lawyer who bought a DNA textbook, studied it from cover to cover and found what Nifong hoped would be overlooked in a medical report covering more than 1,800 pages.

Brad Bannon, a University of South Carolina English major and law school graduate, turned up the critical evidence in a DNA laboratory report that revealed the lacrosse players had no sexual contact with the lying woman. The tests did show the poor lying beast was swimming in the DNA of four other men.

Nifong knew the evidence clearing the students existed, but he claimed during his time on the witness stand that he had overlooked it. What a reprehensible liar, what a stain he brought on himself, his office and the state of North Carolina’s judicial system! Lawyers have been disbarred for lot less than the evil he perpetrated.

Caught in the trap he had set for others by the glaring weight of the evidence he tried to hide, Nifong finally admitted in the closing hours of his trial that he had violated his oath of office and the code of decency required of all people. He has been recommended for disbarment but that is not enough. He should go to jail to send a signal to others like him.

I don’t know what is going to happen to Nifong, but I wish him many miserable days ahead. Late Saturday there was talk that he had made himself eligible for jail time. Whatever happens, he should suffer mentally, just as he made the Duke students, their parents, friends and supporters suffer. That would be the best punishment of all.

Duke University already has paid for its sins by escaping with financial settlements paid to Pressler, the students and their parents who absorbed tremendous financial losses. I hope the settlement is triple the amount lost by Pressler and paid by the parents. Next up in the civil court docket will be the city of Durham, its police department, Nifong and the North Carolina judicial system. All should be forced to make financial reparations to the families who spent fortunes to save their children from the evil that nearly destroyed their lives.


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