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So you think you know everything?

web posted August 6, 2007
CARL LANGLEY – The following is a weekly quiz compiled by retired newspaper reporter, editor and columnist Carl Langley. It is aimed at expanding a reader’s word power and general knowledge. Take the quiz and write down your answers to see how well you score.

1. Genghis Kahn was.

A. A former chairman of the Democrat Party.

B. A former first baseman for the New York Yankees.

C. A former speaker of the South Carolina House of Representatives.

D. A former Chinese ruler known for his military genius and his cruelty.

2.. An abacus is.

A. A knife used for skinning wild game.

B.. A device used in calculating numbers.

C. A musical instrument.

D. A cooking utensil.

3. Napoleon Bonaparte was

A. A running back with the Green Bay Packers.

B. A former emperor of France who was forced into exile due to his habit of starting wars with neighboring countries. .

C. A press agent for the Beatles.

D. An opera singer popular in the late 1800s.

4. Copernicus was.

A. A trombone player with the Village People.

B. A Polish astronomer who developed a model of the solar system

C. A pianist and composer

D. A noted Hollywood hair stylist

5. In baseball terminology he was known as the Sultan of Swat

A. Hank Aaron

B. Ted Williams

C. George Herman Ruth

D. Willie Mays

6. A lexicon is

A. A member of a South American Indian tribe

B. A medical instrument used by dentists

C. A wildlife preserve

D. A book containing word definitions and meanings

7. What word is best related to the medical term sutures

A. toenails

B. abrasions

C. stitches

D. measles

8. Which U.S. president was known as His Accidency, owing to the fact he was elevated to office after the death of his predecessor?.

A. Thomas Jefferson

B. John Tyler

C. Millard Fillmore

D. James Buchanan

9. What is a sonnet?

A. A 14-line verse form

B. An allegorical poem.

C. A short story.

D. A hat worn by a young male child.

10. Only one of the following sentences is considered good grammar. Which one is it?

A. “Me and John went to the baseball game.”

B. “John and I went to the baseball game.”

C. “We had went over this matter before.”

D. “Who do you think you is?”.

Scroll down for answers

Answers: D-B-B-B-C-D-C-B-A-B

Grading: 10 right superior, 9 right excellent, 8 right very good, 7 right passing, 6 or less right re-enroll in elementary school.

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