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Some Questions About the messiah

By Carl Langley
web posted August 22, 2008
GUEST COLUMN – It is time for some commentary that will serve as a guide for those of you who will be heading out to vote in November. So, I draw your attention to Barack Obama, a mystery nominee for the nation’s highest office if there ever was one.

Barack Obama, if you believe the national news media, the scores of radical Internet websites, the New Age crazies and a wide assortment of political action committees, is the new Messiah, a man who has come out of nowhere to save us all.

Let me confess that I was among the multitude taken by surprise when Barack arose from the mists as the Chosen One. It was a shock to me me because I have long made American political history a large part of my leisure and work time pursuits.
I also confess to have never known any Baracks and any Obamas in my entire lifetime, but I have made diligent effort to track down these names and see if by chance they fit anyone I have ever known.

The answer is NOPE!

Barack Obama is a newcomer to national politics, having served only a brief time in the Illinois and U.S. Senates. There are pages in both of those houses who may have been there longer than Barack.

Obama was inserted into office by the Chicago political machine, an outfit that has probably voted more dead people than any other organization in the history of mankind, and, some say, accounted for more dead people who didn’t toe the party line..
In Chicago any politician of any standing owes his political success to an outfit that dates back to the 1920s reign of Big Bill Thompson. That, for those deficient in history, was also known as the Al Capone era.

“You go along to get along,” has long been the slogan of those holding offices in Chicago. A Chicago job description includes allegiance to the party bosses as one of the first rules, if not the first rule.

My research into Obama took me even deeper into the political sewer than Chicago politics and led me to find that his background includes association with some of the most unsavory people ever to walk among the good citizens of this nation.

I could name quite a few, but for the purpose of brevity, I take up only one of them at this time. This man’s background is so dreadful, a person with a background so violent and corrupt, he is the symbol for those who have clamored around Barack and climbed onto the bandwagon.

His name is William Ayers. He became familiar to national law enforcement in the 1960s when he and his cohorts tried to destroy the very foundations of this country. Ayers and assorted other trash had their own way toi protest the Vietnam war: they blew up government buildings, staged armed robberies and brutalized citizens.

Sometimes we get lucky in dealing with people like that. About four of the gang that terrorized the country were taken from out midst when a bomb they were making in a basement exploded and killed the vermin. The others were soon caught.

Who says there is no God?

Ayers, a self-taught a terror master and creator of general mayhem, finally was caught and brought up on federal charges of bomb making and terrorism, but he beat the rap on a technicality. Chalk one up there for Satan.

A reasonable person would assume that Ayers, after escaping what could have been a life jail sentence, did not slink away into anonymity. He got a couple of college degrees and landed a job teaching English in a Chicago university.

The man that Barack said was one of his mentors sits there to this day, spreading his hatred of this country and bemoaning the fact he was not able to blow up more buildings than he did.

Barack’s claiming of Ayers as one of his mentors has drawn gasps from some (mainly old fashioned folks like me who believe in law and order and changing our leadership at the ballot box) and applause from others (mainly liberal professors who have wormed their way into the highest halls of learning in this country)

Today the faculties at too many of our universities and colleges are overrun with a bunch of creeps who are easily recognized. That’s because they spend most of the classroom time condemning this country and denouncing the Constitution.

Today’s engineering, law, medicine and economics students, whose parents have to fork over tuition payments well into the five digits, are being fed a steady diet of political indoctrination at the expense of the heavy doses of learning they will need to build careers.

People like Ayers and his friends are world class losers who would starve to death in the private sector, but they remain determined to turn what once was the greatest nation on the face of the earth into another dreary communist swamp where all things are gray and morose.

I am not a John McCain fan, but I will be voting for him in November. In doing so I will be voting not for myself but for the future of my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I shudder at what will befall them if Obama is elected president.
I am fearful of a nation where someone like William Ayers can end up as Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare, or perhaps Director of Homeland Security, or perhaps Secretary of State, or perhaps Director of the FBI or CIA.

I don’t take these thoughts lightly because I had never heard of Barack Obama until he walked out of the political swamps of Chicago with his mantra of “Hope and Change.”
Hope for What? Change to What? We all have heard the words, but where is the substance? Where is the expansion of those words into deeper and more meaningful language?

If I recall, the oath of office as president calls upon the president to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, this nation and its people. I wonder what Barack and his buddies have in store for us should he get elected?

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