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Predicting a Riot Is a Foolish Proclamation

By Carl Langley
web posted September 5, 2008
GUEST COLUMN – Fatimah Ali is a black female who poses as a columnist for the left leaning Philadelphia Daily News, a newspaper so intimidated by that city's majority black population that it takes the racist side to everything. So much for objectivity in the news business in one of America's signature cities. But, then again, what goes down in Philadelphia goes down in other major American cities.

Ali, who, based on the way she strings words together is barely literate, has declared that the nation will have a race revolution if Obama is not elected president.

Now that's a novel new way to coerce the whites and Hispanics to vote for a man who has absolutely no management skills. Talk about preplanning as a way to entire, or intimidate, the voters.

If Ali's prediction of a race revolution proves true, then I'm sure her prophecy will be eagerly greeted by the masses of good ole country boys from down in Dixie and out in the western states.

 The good ole boys cut their teeth on gun barrels and I am sure they will be glad to take on any of those who decide to take out their election frustration by running wild in the streets, assaulting and killing citizens, burning stores and homes and creating other mayhem.

What is it about some people who greet disappointment and dejection by rioting. Here in Aiken when someone mentions block party it usually involves the throwing of bricks, rocks and anything else handy, along with some sporadic gunfire.
I predict if a race revolution does happen there won't be enough cemetery space to hold the perpetrators who dare to take their frustrations out on ordinary citizens.
I am a member of the NRA and I can assure you there are more than a million of us well schooled in self defense. We don't pack iron, but we are willing to use it if necessary. We also cling to the words of old time western movie star Wild bill Elliott, who told the bad guy, "'m a peaceable man." Just before gunning down the baddie.
Ali has been slammed from pillar to post by a legion of e-mailers (many from the southern states) who have told her to "bring it on." Many of those e-mailers also question why the publisher of a major American newspaper would allow a nut case like Ali to publish such dire and threatening trash.
I can answer that question. Today's publishers are afraid of the radicals who have taken over their pages. And that explains why many major newspapers are in their final hours, cutting staff, cutting expenses everyway and everywhere possible, but consigned to the reality that they are doomed. The same holds for news magazines, which long ago dropped any pretense of being fair and objective and have become hod carriers for the liberal crazies.
I worked in the newspaper business for nearly 50 years, and most of those were glorious times. I did know a few editors and publishers with spines of jelly but they wilted away from their own cowardice and incompetence.
Sadly, we now have newspapers full of reporters and editors barely able to handle our language and I must assume that during their stays in journalism school they heard more lectures on social issues than on the things they needed to learn to be competent in their chosen field.
With newspapers and news magazines now on the wane, thanks mainly to the Internet, I say good riddance to the trash that now poses as journalism, which once was practiced in the finest of traditions that made this nation great.
Today's newspapers, with the exception of a few, are little more than garbage, pumping out the liberal line, which means scorning those who believe in the divinity of life, the sanctity of marriage, the right to free speech and defending the constitution. They seek a world where everyone is equal (communism), which is in complete defiance of the laws of nature.
This is what Fatimah Ali wants, and she is willing to threaten us all if that is what it takes.
I like to remind that if every political loser in this nation's history took election loss disappointment to the streets in riotous rampage we would not be the world's greatest power today.
The lesson lost on Fatimah Ali is that while everyone is a good winner, it takes a strong person to be a good loser, but at the same time promising to try harder the next time around.
In Fatimah's ignorant little world it should be gimmie, gimmie, gimmie. Life doesn't work that way.

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