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Judge Tunes Out Radio Station Owner, Former Talk Show Host

By: Carl Langley

web posted October 8, 2007
GUEST COLUMN – The owner of an Aiken radio station and its former loudmouth talk show host have been given a lesson in the American judicial system, and those who have followed this miserable case for months should be pleased that these two losers earned failing grades.

Frank Neely, owner of WAAW 94.7, which is described as a contemporary Christian and gospel radio station but surrendered its air space to a lunactic, is going to have to come up with $4.5 million for letting rabid anti-white Ryan B pollute the station while slandering a law enforcement officer.

Ryan B, said to be known by those who chase crooks as Lamont Brian Doyle, will have to come up with $2.5 million for letting his big mouth overrule what brains he has - if he has any at all.

Ryan B was the polluter of Neely’s station but even as this is written others appear to be taking up the cause, which is to blame white folks for all the ills of the Augusta community.

Neely and Ryan B, according to reports in the Augusta Chronicle and Aiken Standard newspapers, were found to be big time losers in the Augusta civil court after a judge found against them in the slandering of Richmond County Sheriff Ronnie Strength.

Strength, who has built a reputation as one of Richmond County’s best sheriffs in decades, was called a murderer by a vicious reverse racist who didn’t possess a single shred of evidence to back up his charge.

In Ryan B’s clouded mind Strength was guilty of killing a man back in the early 1970s while acting as a law enforcement officer. The problem for Ryan B was that at the time Strength was working for an Augusta department store.

A single telephone call would have established that fact but Ryan B didn’t bother to check his facts. He fell in love with his own version of the killing because it better suited his anti-white agenda.

For months Neely, who now has the most to lose in this miserable case, let Ryan B act anything but Christ-like by constantly criticizing the “white rulers” who ran Richmond County’s and Augusta’s power structure.

Ryan B not only took off after white folks but he unleashed broadsides against several black ministers who, in his undernourished brain, were Uncle Toms. The preachers now have civil suits pending against the former “water cooler” host. I am pulling for the preachers.

Is there anyone out there who cares to take a bet on how those cases are going to turn out? I have money to spend on the wheels of fortunre.

While the verdicts of the past week and the verdicts yet to come are nice and prove that the civil litigation system is working, it may be an exercise in futility in Ryan B‘s case. A former felon in the federal prison system, he apparently has little to offer other than the shirt on his back.

I heard about the long-running rants by Ryan B several months ago from a friend, who expressed amazement that such lunacy could be allowed in an entertainment and information medium that still has a few standards left. I concede radio, television and other venues have been badly eroded by moral decay and a lack of civility.

Ryan B’s world is one in which white folks are the harsh, cruel masters of all the lesser people and happily trample those less fortunate under their feet. I am not familiar with that world because many of the lesser people I know are well dressed, drive big cars and go almost anywhere they like.

Perhaps this genius knows something the rest of us don’t? He and others like him stay busy these days keeping alive the days of slavery, which ended nearly 150 years ago. Slavery is the gift that keeps on giving because it is still being peddled by race hustlers and poverty pimps unable to overcome their own incapacities.

I would like to remind Ryan B that I worked for more than 45 years, during which I paid a heavy tax burden. Sadly, a lot of my money went to finance schools that were open to all and now are educational cesspools and to provide for health care and other amenities for a lot of people who are fourth and fifth generational welfare recipients..

Ryan B belongs to a class of his own, one in which nothing counts aside from the cash stuck in his open palm.

I believe Neely’s only brush with sanity came a few months back when it was announced that his radio station was terminating its association with Ryan B at the end of July. I have rarely listened to the station since that time because I realized that the preposterous entertainment it offered was ending with Ryan B.

I have often wondered how people without a brain can survive in this world, but I wonder no more. Ryan B, bless his heart, has shown me that people without a brain (see the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz), without a sense of history, without a sense of responsibility and without an ounce of love for their fellow man can indeed make their way in the world.

But a word of caution here: along the way they must learn not to steal money from a federal health care system, not to slander anyone, whether they be or not be a sheriff, and they must avoid railing against an entire race of people without proper justification and the evidence. Keep violating these tidbits of social intercourse and most reasonable people will begin to doubt your sanity.

I leave Ryan B with a simple reminder. Never forget the evidence! Ah, the evidence! Simply put, you must always have your foot or feet planted firmly on the rock of truth when you make wild charges against anyone, whether he or she be white or black or any color in between. For those who fail these requirements, justice awaits just around the corner.

In leaving you at this point, let us all, white or black, pray that this little radio station broadcasting from a mobile home in a long-defunct parking lot has cleaned up its act. This means barring race baiters and complainers from the airwaves while delivering a Christian message to us all.

Life is hard enough without some folks polluting the atmosphere. I think there will be universal agreement on this, with the possible exception of Ryan B and those who are all mouth and no brains.

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