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Doomsday in Denmark

By Carl Langley
web posted October 9, 2009
GUEST COLUMN – Holy Shazam, Batman, did you see what just happened to SuperObama? said Robin, unable to believe his eyes. On the craggy, rock-girded  cliffs of the Danish isle, our modern day version of Superman ran headlong into an international version of kryptonite.Barack Obama, our president and our media darling, used up five luxury class jets and more than $1 million dollars in flight costs in his vain effort to sell Chicago to the nations of the world.

What a waste of a trip for Oprah and Michelle, the damsels of today's social environment where the image of celebrity is supposed to hold dominion over the dark shadows of life's often grim realities.
The liberal media, especially the New York Times, Newsweek, Time and the so-called mainstream television networks, were lathering up their prose and ready to hail the Chief for his work in securing Chicago as the site for the 2016 Olympic games.
Alas, a cabal (liberalspeak) of international judges thought otherwise and not only rejected Chicago but tossed out the Windy City in the very first round of the selection process.
It's bad enough to be rejected, but in the first round, the very first round, of all things. Talk about rejection, and there it is in spades. And now they still are dancing in the streets in Rio de Janeiro, my choice in the first place, while our wallflower is wilting away under a shower of alibis.
"We really didn't care that much about it," an Obama insider is reported to have said. I would like to administer a polygraph test to that abuser of the facts.
While there are a lot of us rejoicing at this turn of events, there is deep gloom and sadness in the meeting rooms of the Chicago mob, where dreams of luxuries dumped in their laps have evaporated in the nightmare of reality.
Gone with the wind are the hopes of slumlords to rent out their roach- and rat-infested apartments to foreign visitors and perhaps Olympic athletes; gone with the wind are the hopes of the consultants and public relations types who pumped for Obama and now have seen the fountains of their personal wealth come up dry;  gone with the wind are the giddy plans of the liberal media to portray Obama as a savior of America's place on the world stage.
The ending of dreamtime comes with the harsh realities of our real world, and those of us who love an America that does not pander to personality cults must get on to better tasks.
Today, scarely a breeze of hope remains in the Windy City. The quiet is so pervasive it screams out like a cat with its tail caught under the rocking chair.
Today, our America, where most of us soldier on against socialism, is awash in jobless citizens, failing schools that are not teaching the three Rs but singing mindless tributes to our Dear Leader, and the harsh specter of runaway inflation, high interest rates, money unavailable for automobile and home purchases and a national leadership both unable and unwilling to provide the leadership for our military engaged in mortal combat with an enemy dedicated to destroying us.
President Obama has shown us to be just what his detractors said he would be: a clueless, slick talking politician, who was artfully framed as a deep thinker and decisive leader of a nation. He is only as good as the next fabrication cobbled together by a devious public relations staff and political insiders whose only thoughts are of themselves.
I think about this as I consider the cocksure attitude people like David Axelroad, Rahm Emanuel, Valerie Jarrett and others displayed while sending forth their World Leader to sell Chicago and who got just what was coming to him.
Let us who love our country take no comfort in the leadership traits of those who opposed Obama. Republican leaders were just as certain - and totally fearful - of what was going to come down in Denmark. Some of them actually believed Obama was bulletproof on this one.
Unfortunately, too many Republicans have lapsed into reactionaries, unable to look ahead with any degree of certitude to predict and project Obama's failings. The GOP mainstream appears to be operating in reflex gear.
Our Dear Leader will lose re-election in 2012 only if left to his own devices. He is fully capable of doing himself in, and for that I give thanks.
Our hope here is based on the fact that Obama is proving almost daily he has no idea of what is going on in this nation and in the world at large. He is only as good as his last speech, and that is what he has been doing for the last nine months. It appears the only time he isn't making speeches is when he is taking date night out with Michelle or flying about to make a continuing succession of speeches.
A word to the President: it's difficult to sit down and engage in meaningful strategic and tactical military discussions with generals and admirals when you
are busy making speeches that no one, not even you, remember, or choose to remember.
If fear that the clock is ticking for this country, and it just struck midnight in Denmark for openers. Now we wait and watch the hands creep forward and wonder when total collapse of the world's greatest democracy comes. The hour may be sooner than we think.
I am qualified to make these observations because I was born on the eve of the Great Depression, a period in time that today's school children have no knowledge of whatsover. So they will have to learn the hard way.


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