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History’s Lessons Are Being Ignored

By Carl Langley
web posted October 30, 2008
GUEST COLUMN – During my sophomore year at the University of South Carolina ages ago I had the good fortune of landing in a political science class taught by the dean of the PS department Dr. Raymond Sherrill. He was one of the greatest teachers I ever had.

One morning Dr. Sherrill told the class that political history, like many other histories, tends to repeat itself. He then added an old admonition: only fools tend to ignore the lessons of history. The current presidential campaign - in particular the campaign of Barack Obama - reminds me of Dr. Sherrill’s comment.

Barack Obama’s campaign for the White House is not only aided and abetted by the dumbest electorate ever assembled under our national roof but comes right out of the playbook for the Russian Revolution of 1917. It even has the same type thugs who seized control of the Russian nation and its people.

In the early years of the 20the Century, a sad period in world history, a gang of the worst murderers ever inflicted on humanity rampaged through Russia, overthrew the Czarist royal regime and for more than a half century imposed darkness on that part of the world.

The Bolsheviks, led by Vladimir Lenin, Josef Stalin and others who made up a bloodthirsty clique, emerged as the new ruling class. They solidified their status by killing off the opposition, the fellow travelers composed mainly of liberal daydreamers who believed they had achieved Utopia itself.

How sadly mistaken they were.

Lenin, thank the Lord, didn’t live long, giving hope to some whose views were counter to his. But the mantle of leadership passed to Stalin through a series of bloody coups that wiped out the opposition in the revolutionary ranks. Leon Trotsky, a revolutionary and an idealist was among the daydreamers who sought a future of democratic inclusion and melding of divergent interests. He met his end when an ice axe was plunged into his skull while he was hiding out in Mexico from the Stalinists.

Stalin, Lazar Kaganovich, hatchet man and enforcer of monolithic rule and a Jew of all things, Nikita Khruschev, party organizer and enforcer, Georgia Malenkov, a dimwitted front man, and Leonid Brezhnev, cold and calculating, quickly turned Russia into a national penal system, with the starvation deaths of 30 million people in the Ukraine the hallmark.

I compare Obama’s campaign advisors and tacticians to those who directed the dismantling and reshaping of the Russian state. If you are not aware of the tactics being used against those who would dare oppose the “New Messiah” you have been asleep for the past several months. I am aware of the strategies of those who seize control of a land and its people by lying, confusing and intimidating any opposition.

Obama’s campaign team has employed a novel scheme not seen in American politics since this nation’s founding, but one which enabled Lenin, Stalin and their teammates to seize and solidify control - and to Hades with selling yourself through gentlemanly debate. And courteous behavior. His lackies are quick to deflect any questions about his background by branding the opposition as liars and racists.

If you disagree with the Great One and demand answers you are quickly relegated to the role of a pariah. If you offer an opposite view and gain national attention because of your anti-Barack stance you are visited by an Obama hit team that digs into your background all the way back to the cradle and feeds the tidbits to an obedient media, which went in the tank for the Great One months ago.

I, and many others, would like to know how Obama could sit in a church for 20 years and never hear a hatemonger preacher (who lives in a multi-million dollar home in an exclusive neighborhood) utter a single vile word against white people.

I would like to know more about Obama’s background from childhood to the present. It will be too late for the American people if this slick talking snake oil salesman, propped up by puppet masters hiding behind opaque veils, is able to fool enough people to get himself elected to the highest office in the land.

At one time, I held out hope that the American voter would see Obama for what he really is, which is totally and completely unqualified, and reject him on Nov. 4. But after listening to audiotapes and seeing videotapes of the people who have voted for or plan to vote for him my depression has plunged even deeper.

We now have a voting population with a collective IQ in single digits. I have seen the street interviews with young people and am amazed at the stupidity running rampant in this segment of our society. And there are those who want to do away with intelligence tests, claiming they are biased. What is biased about asking someone to tell you the sum of 2 and 2?

If you get rid of intelligence testing, why not get rid of blood tests used to determine the state of one’s health. That makes as much sense as the arguments I have heard against mental exams for voters. Do you want someone voting who can’t do simple math, name the 12 months in a year, tell you in which direction the sun rises? We have lots of people saddled with those infirmities and in many schools they are being taught by people as stupid as they are..

I came from a time when English teachers were familiar with Latin and other languages. I have heard English teachers today who can’t use the artcles “a” and “an” correctly. Poor Barack has the same problem. I heard him on television recently and he remarked to a TV interview questioner that he had “a uncle in Africa……...”

We have an electorate whose minds have been reduced to mush by rap music, rock music, off-color and childish television programs and inflicted by a fetish for being entertained at all times and to heck with the costs. We have people who can name the lead guitar player in a rock band but can’t identify the secretary of state.

The Russian people were betrayed and enslaved in 1917 because the vast majority of them were about as sharp as bowling balls but believed “change“ would improve their lives. They got chains - not change. I see the same thing today, and if you don’t believe me talk with most high school graduates. A majority of them fit the mold of the Soviet peasant of 1917, and they may be headed for the same disaster.

Barack’s campaign mantra is change, change, change and hope, hope, hope. It is a platform built on nothing but hot air. Change to what? Change to where? How is change going to be achieved? Who will benefit from change? What kind of hope is he talking about? What are we to hope for?

Where is the meat on these bones? Can’t Barack be more specific?

These are the questions he has skillfully dodged for months on end. If the worst happens, we can take comfort in one thing. We won’t be building roads by hammering big rocks into little ones while temperatures hover around 40 below. That’s what happened to those who disagreed with the Bolsheviks for a half-century.

If you live in a warm climate you won’t fear the cold. Down here in Dixieland it’s the redbugs, skeeters and gnats that keep you occupied while you pull your tour on a work crew. And don’t ever say it can’t happen. The Russians started out with socialism and the promise of bread on the table and a warm winter coat for everyone. They ended up with communism and a chain of gulags (jails) that stretched across eight time zones.

God bless America, and God save this once mighty nation!

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