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Obama's National Security Force

By Carl Langley
web posted November 12, 2008
GUEST COLUMN – First, let me congratulate Barack Obama for winning the 2008 presidential election, thanks to a well-oiled machine that went into full attack mode nearly two years ago. Second, let me chastise John McCain for running the most inept political campaign in history, one dragged down the incompetents he surrounded himself with and who are now busy trying to lay the blame for their stupidity on poor Sarah Palin.

There is much one can speculate about under an Obama administration, but I will concentrate on one thing. That's the National Civilian Security Force that Obama has envisioned and which he claims will protect America against attacks from abroad.
I am not the only one who is worrying about such talk. Georgia Congressman Paul Broun said in an interview that talk about a national police force gives him an uneasy feeling. He said national police forces have been used in the past, with the most glaring examples being Nazi Germany and Communist Russia.
Obama has been heard to proclaim that such a force would be the size of the FBI, Homeland Security, the DEA, the Immigration Service and all others combined. But he has not mentioned who will serve in this massive protective agency, and we are left only to wonder.
If such a thing comes to past, I will suggest as possible training sites the border lands of this country and the dangerous streets in most of our major cities. In those two areas thousands of illegal immigrants streaming across our borders will keep a security force busy, as will the gangbangers who shoot up their neighborhoods and each other in a new form of blood sport.
We who are students of history (and there are few of us left in this country)  know a lot about civilian defense corps and how they were used in the past.  Look back to Russia in the year 1917, the year the Communists overthrew the Russian czarist regime and took control of that miserable country, and the German nightmare years of the 1930s.
In Russia, Nikolai Lenin and Joseph Stalin and others in the Bolshevik ranks had to solidify control once ousting the royal family and did so through a tidy little outfit called the Cheka.  The Cheka is first among firsts in civilian defense forces because it imposed dark decades of terror among the Russian peasantry while assuring that the nation's Commnist masters would continue in control. The Cheka gave rise to the KGB, and that outfit has proven its mastery at getting ride of dissidents, permanently.
A couple of decades down history's path Adolf Hitler, not the fool some historians have tried to make him out to be, was not an idle student of behavioral patterns. So he borrowed a page right out of the Cheka handbook in the 1930s with his Schutzstaffel (SS), a national police force that wrote new chapters in instant justice by  dragging in malcontents and allowing them to disappear on the darkest of nights.
The Cheka and the SS are the first things that popped into my mind when Obama mentioned a National Citizens Security Force.The second thing that popped into my mind was how it will be formed, how it will be funded, how it will co-exist or cooperate with existing law enforcement agencies, how it will be related to our military services and a bunch of other questions.
We are not talking about the Boy Scouts or Girl Guides here.
Another matter arises while considering the possibility of a civilian security force. Who besides Rep. Broun in our national, state and local governments or the media has been raising questions about this Obama promise? Let me remind it was silence and lack of protest that granted the green light to tyrants who created the Soviet Cheka and the German SS.
I would like for Barack Obama to lay out in complete detail his blueprint for a national citizens security force, with special attention given to how it will be developed and who will be the Supreme Commander. I don't think that's asking too much because the futures of my children, my grandchildren, great-grandchildren and others to follow will come under the control of any national security force.
Obama's response to a question about this was that it was needed to block any future terrorist attacks on this country. That's not good enough. Lete us be warned that most countries downfalls came from forces within, and it took decades to shed the shackles of their dictatorships. Some citizens (China, Vietnam, North Korea) are still trying to  breathe free air.

God bless America!

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