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Goodbye Kofi, And Don’t Come Back

web posted December 18, 2006

By Carl Langley
EdgefieldDaily.com contributing columnist

The good news for a war-weary world is that the United Nations, a long-time haven for some of the planet’s worst liars and thieves, will soon be under new management.

At the top of the international pecking order of people who shun honest work is South Korean diplomat Ban Ki-moon, who took the oath as new UN secretary general last week and immediately vowed to change the character of the world body.

Good luck, Mr. Ban. You’re going to need it.

The United Nations is a self-serving, self-defeating organism because of the very ones who run the place. Its membership is made up of envoys from countries ranging from open societies to closed totalitarian regimes and that means Ban’s flock is a diverse mixture with many agendas.

Need I remind anyone that in almost every case, the agendas of the dictators holding membership are devoted mainly to siphoning off as much money as possible from the gullible democracies who keep pouring in the cash.

Ban, within a fortnight, will take the seat once occupied by probably the worst secretary-general ever to preside over the UN. Kofi Anan, the former secretary-general, distinguished himself by turning a blind eye to violence and thievery while demonstrating an almost visceral contempt for the United States.

Now Kofi is slithering into retirement with two pension plans worth a combined $22,000 a month. Never has such a worthless individual been given such a payout. His abject ignorance of almost anything of substance and his willingness to preside over the looting of treasuries around the world sets him apart from all others.

The biggest loser under Kofi was the United States, which over a half-century has pumped billions into the UN bank accounts while being scolded and scourged by Kofi and his bureaucrats, all of whom took turns looting the bank. I believe they would steal a first grader’s piggy bank if they could locate it.

It is proper at this point to remind ourselves of the old saying, “You can’t buy happiness.” In America’s case our mindless politicians and bureaucrats have tried to buy global peace and develop new friends at the UN by throwing bundle after bundle of cash to the monster this worthless organization is, always has been and always will be.

Kofi’s tenure reinforces my long held proposition that he did a wonderful job of representing what the UN has always stood for: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. At every hour of every day during his secretary generalship there were at least 40-50 wars going on around the globe, but only when the U.S. decided to defend itself against terrorists did Kofi get involved. And he got involved on the side of the killers by blaming us for starting it all.

It was the United States, a model for democracy and freedom and the rightful symbol of what a nation should be, that felt the sting of Kofi’s verbal lashes. Meanwhile, murderers and thugs like Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, Cuba’s Fidel Castro and North Korea’s Kim Il sung got a free pass.

One would think that Kofi would have been outspoken in his insistence that free world republics and democracies impose martial order on the wild and wooly places. But he hid in his office on the 38th floor of the miserable UN building while killings ravaged the landscape. Now Ban takes over, and I wait to see what his stewardship will bring.

Ban believes he is a man with a plan, so he has said. But he has a lot of cleaning up to do. If ever a place needed a wholesale shakeup it’s the UN. John Bolton, our temporary ambassador installed by George Bush against the wishes of the liberal weasels in the U.S. Senate, served only a few months, but his brief appointment was not wasted. He let the the UN drones know the American public was fed up with the their shenanigans.

Over the years I have suggested relocation of this miserable place, say to Paris, Oslo, Baghdad, Nairobi, or the Gaza Strip. But that is asking too much of a sacrifice. New York’s famed and fabled night life is too great a magnet to ask these worthless skunks to shift their desks to places more in need of hands-on attention.

If Ban is going to change things, his first act should be hunting down and rooting out the UN bureaucrats who blindly followed Kofi’s tortured rules and twisted reasoning. It is going to be a tough job, but I am pulling for Ban. He has gotten off to a good start by using soft words in stating his intentions to promote cooperation with America’s UN diplomatic corps. But the UN is a place where words betray deeds.

I would hope Ban gets off to a rousing start by putting in the top offices people who have a realistic view of the world and are not driven by urges to steal the place blind while hurling verbal insults at the United States. This behavior only serves as a smokescreen for embezzlement on a big scale.

Mark Malloch Brown, the British diplomat who served as Kofi’s top deputy, was a worthless slug and typical sycophant. He acted more like Meyer Lansky, the old Mafia accountant, in his administration of his office. Like his master Kofi, Brown never missed a chance to scold the United States. There are suspicions that this poor Brit suffers from the George III syndrome.

Ban has gotten my attention by saying he will look favorably on appointing females to some of the UN’s most high profile and most sensitive positions. I am totally in favor of this because my own life experience reveals that women, unlike men, are far less inclined to steal a place blind. They also tend to be more objective and more businesslike in their approach to almost any task.

I do offer a cachet here. Ban’s problem will be to find enough women not riding around in SUVs and talking on cell phones to staff the offices. From what I have seen on the byways around Aiken finding enough women who can handle the job will be a close call.



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