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Letter to the Editor

Writer refutes Americans “selfish, self-centered, and immature brats” claim

web posted January 9, 2010
Dear Editor,
RE: Writer Says Americans “selfish, self-centered, and immature brats”
Americans have done more for the rest of the world than any other country in the world! We came to the defense of the free world in World War l, World War ll, and the following wars as well. We provide more (and more generous) aid to countries around the world when they suffer catastrophic events. We unselfishly provide food for most of the world. We have provided the means (knowledge and technical support) for other nations to better themselves in too many ways to list here. The people of this nation contribute more to private charities than we contribute through our government to help the poor and needy!

You ask if we get the feeling we are some of the most selfish, self-centered and immature brats who ever lived. No I do not! It is the selfish and immature who think they are owed a living by our government.

Two unnecessary wars? It is the duty and responsibility of the Federal Government to protect the people from those who seek to destroy us and our freedom to live in liberty and the pursuit of happiness! The heart and soul of terrorism is to destroy life, liberty and those who pursue happiness on their own terms. We are at war with an enemy that brought it to us. An enemy that has had us under siege for many years. They have openly declared their mission which is to destroy us! Too many in this nation are like ostriches with their heads in the sand. Where is yours? It is obvious where I believe it is. There is nothing in your recent letters that causes me to believe you are qualified to declare the “two wars” unnecessary.

All of the rich people in this country are not “brats”. Neither are any of the other classes of people. I sense that you deem the rich to be brats because of your “imagined sense of entitlement” to a portion of their riches. The greatest, and greater portion of wealth belongs to those who (in the majority of cases) have earned it! I have not earned riches and that does not entitle me to part of what anyone else has earned! No one has denied me the opportunity to be all I can be and do all I can do to earn! It is my bed and I sleep in it and I do not have my hand out to anyone.

That is not selfishness, self-centeredness or immaturity. It is self responsibility, self dependence and the mature thing to do! I note that you wrote “The over-whelming majority of us are not guilt-free either.”, thus including yourself. To you I say; get the log out of your eye before tampering with the splinter in mine!

There is a reason our Nation is in debt to China for over 300 billion dollars. Liberal socialists, democrats and even some republicans. They are “creating” entitlements that the people are “not” entitled to, and then printing money that is not earned, and borrowing money that the people cannot afford to repay in order to provide that which the people should be working and earning on their own. It is not the duty of this Constitutional Republic to support the people, but rather to protect their right to life, liberty and the “pursuit” of happiness!

The Obama Administration is dedicated to socializing the nation, destroying capitalism and surrendering our sovereignty to the United Nations!

Suggested reading for you: The Declaration of Independence, The Federalist Papers, The Constitution of (to) the United States of America and the Amendments thereof. I inserted “to” because the Constitution is the voice of the people and the authorization of the people to its government. We the people have and do speak to our government therein and thereby! In other words we give the government its authorities. The government does not give us our rights, those rights are inalienable rights given us by our Creator!

Jerry Pugh

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