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Writer Takes Different View on Recent Editor's Column

web posted January 30, 2014

Let me begin by saying that I'm a registered Republican and have voted straight Republican my entire life.  I suppose I would consider myself a Conservative Republican, however these days I'm not always sure it that's true. While I agree with the vast majority of your recent opinion piece on why Democrats can't be Christians, I feel the need to point out the fact that I would have stopped short of making that bold of a statement.

Over my life I've been fortunate and blessed to travel this great nation from one coast to the other, meeting Americans of every shape, form and fashion.  These encounters have taught me many things, including the fact that I would never allow myself to judge individuals based on the thoughts and whims of two political parties. 

Think about that for a minute.  Presently there are over 300 million people who live in this country, yet with your opinion piece you've placed all of them into two groups.  And let's be honest, Independent really doesn't count, because we know that all registered Independents have done so to simply avoid sounding like the rest of us, they still either vote Democrat or Republican when the time comes.  What I've come to learn over time is that very few Americans agree 100% with what either the Democrats or Republicans stand for.

As a matter of fact, most Americans vote one way or the other based on income.  I have several close friends who live in southern Illinois, all of whom are registered Democrats.  One family in particular is Catholic, hardworking and would give you the shirt off their backs in order to help. I would know this to be fact, because they've done so for me many times over the years.  They attend Mass weekly (where in your opinion, they shouldn't be), raise money for cancer research and donate money to local schools, civic organizations and numerous non-profit conservation organizations. They vote Democrat because of many factors, the least of which is none of my business. 

Do I wonder how it's possible to be Catholic and support a political party that supports abortion?  Sure I do, but I also wonder how a Southern Baptist can be in Church every Sunday morning and still drink, smoke, gamble at the deer camp and cuss like a sailor. 

The point is, it's none of my business, nor is it any of your business. We live in a democratic society, one in which majority rules, and all the opinion columns and hateful speech, all the name calling and fear mongering won't change the tide.  I'm an American, I was brought into this world by parents who taught me the value of hard work, to believe in God and to go lightly in my judgement of others.  I have no desire to judge my fellow man by whether he's a registered Democrat or Republican, rather I choose to do so based on his works. 

John L. Brown Jr.

Editor's note: The United States of America is a Constitutional Republic, not a "democracy" or "majority rule". Both things the Founders wanted to make sure never happened.

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