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Letter to the Editor

Johnston Town Councilman Tommy Burton's Unedited Letter to the Editor

Editor's note: Below is an exact reproduction of Johnston Town Councilman Tommy Burton's Letter to the Editor as sent to the local papers. The inaccurate "quotes" are attributed to Mr. Burton and are not reflective of the actual posts published in the Wandering Minds Section.

web posted February 28, 2008
Dear Editor,

I am writing This Letter to clear up a Post written to The Edgefield Daily.Com Wandering Mines. Which could have been Misleading to some of it Readers. web posted feb-18,2008 The Posters comment was, (And I am Quoting The comment,) After reading your column on Norman Dorn, I couldn’t help but Laugh At how many Johnston Residents know They have Their own version of him in Tommy Burton. Speaking of Norman Dorn, people would be Surpise to see what could be found if a criminal records background check was Done on him (End of quote)

To me The structure of The comment could have been misleading to some. After reading the postI gave The Editor a phone call to express my concerns as to what HIM the poster was referring to. I also express that I did not think it was right for his web-site to allow peoples to write the comments about certain peoples that He is Publishing on His web-site. He again told me That Elected Officials are Public Officials and They are open / subjected to public comments. I do not have a problem with That, My problem is any person can say what ever They want to about Elected Officials That They want to even if it is not true. We are Elected to help govern and make the right decisions for Our Constituency, Not for certain Elected Officials to be criticize by a bunch of(HATERS,) because every thing we do is wrong in Their eyes because it is not what they want.

After speaking with The Editor, I told him That I have never ever been arrested in my entire life.I told him That I Receive a speeding ticket about 20 years ago. I ask him if He would write a statement on Feb 19, 2008 to assure his readers that I had no criminal record, he said That he would. But not with out a twist of words.( This is the quoted comments of the EDITOR.) Feb 19,2008 Comment from The Editor. Johnston Councilman Tommy Burton call me Monday in regard to a reader making a comment him and Norman Dorn, Even though the reader made a comment about how interesting it would be to pull a criminal background check on Councilman Norman Dorn, Mr. Burton seemed to think the writer was referring to him Mr. Burton said he was going to take the information to his Lawyer in effort to have me release the name of the reader, He is welcome to try but it will not happen. I did agree to place a comment stating Mr. Burton said he has never been convicted for any criminal offense (other than a traffic citation many years ago) End of Quote. (never been convicted other than a traffic citation,) I Told the Editor that I was never convicted of any crime .I Told  Him That I got a speeding Ticket about 20 years ago. The Editor stated (never been convicted other than a traffic citation.) That is not stating the Truth, reading His comment it seem to me as if He distorted true facts.

As for myself I have credibility issue with what He stated In the Wandering mines post. On Feb 20, 2008 and I am (quoting the poster) Regarding the Editor post some of the Town and County Councilman I wonder why other think They were the one being referred to? Perhaps were should look into SLED and other records about the person (,end of quote.)

Feb 20, 2008 (quoting the poster,) I doubt Tommy Burton don’t even know what a Lawyer is, Put your two heads together and form the Law office of Burton and Dorn. Tommy Burton is a joke as is most of Johnston Council, he knows he should have been arrested many times..(End of quote)

Feb 21, 2008 and I am (quoting The poster comments)(So Johnston Town Councilman) Tommy Burton want to sue you because he is being compared to (Edgefield County Councilman) Norman Dorn. HA / sound just like Norman “sue happy” Dorn.

Editor comment, and I am quoting (There is no comparison between Mr. Burton and Mr. Dorn, Mr. Burton raises issues that are at least base on reality. Regardless of wether or not you agree with him , Mr. Dorn and evidently one of his sons, is dumb as a stump if you ask me.) (End of quote)

Now I never mention The word sue, I wanted to know who was so obsess against me , To criticize and berate me year after year ,time after time after. I think it is the same outsiders, along with one or two of his haters friends That is The sole writer of multiplier posted comments on The wandering mines sections. Remember you do not have to sign your name to the comments that you write to The wandering mines. If all of the comments in the wandering mines was honest and true, than the person making The comment wouldn”t mind signing their name to it just as the Editors of both local papers requires. But if that is what the law allow, along with the Powers That be.( Let it be)( Let it be ) remember we all have to reap what we sow. I know that I will get a lot of flack from this. So criticize and ridicule me  when ever, where ever, and in what ever news outlet you choose, I will not have any more rebuttals, or any more comments. God will be speaking for me.

If you have all this hate and vendetta against certain Peoples / Elected  officials / and Especially against The black Elected Officials. Well at least some of us learn sometime ago what to expect and where to spend our money. In closing I will say that if God is for me, it matters not if the whole world is against me.

Thank you
Tommy T Burton
Johnston Town councilman

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