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Letter to the Editor: Female writer ponders Roe v Wade for men

web posted March 13, 2006

Dear Editor,

While listening to one of the early morning shows I heard about  Roe vs. Wade for Men. The jest of the story is that a group of men are fighting the laws that say a man must pay child support for a child that he had no intentions of fathering. Now I know that statement will open the argument of keeping his pants on but as I listened to the story, I find that there may be just cause for men to be protected.

Men have no laws that say they can make any decision as to whether or not they want to become fathers. The mother of the child in this story said something to the effect that it is her body and her choice to make. She is so right. She chose to let her body be used and she chose to not protect herself. So supporting and raising the child should be her responsibility unless he consented to making a child.

In this day of modern medicine, there is no reason for a woman to allow herself to become pregnant unless she either wants to or is  just plain dumb. Our girls and boys are taught sex education and how to protect themselves from an early age. Everyone knows how to keep from having a baby if you are not able to provide for it or just not ready to take on that responsibility. I am not saying that men don't have to be responsible too but maybe if we had a law that protected them there would be less babies conceived and free up a whole lot of court costs that we tax payers sometime have to pay. If she chooses to conceive a child, let her support it.  She might think twice about it.
This would exclude relationships resulting in divorce with children involved.  Also relationships where they have lived together and choose to have a family. The man should be responsible for child support in those situations.
I am also tired of seeing my tax dollars going to unwed mothers that live off the system. I didn't have the fun of conceiving them so I don't want to pay for them. Period!!!!! I don't think we should be paying money to mothers that are already on welfare and get pregnant again. We give out free birth control. Cut her off. Pick up the kids, feed them, and let her pick up trash on the side of the road for her food. She can work in a soup kitchen, she can work in a nursing home where they are so understaffed. Put her to work doing something but do not allow her to live off the system as her career.

For those teens that become pregnant, both the Father and the Mother should be required by law to go to school during the day, work in the evening, and turn the paychecks over to the state to pay the hospital costs for the birth. Then the families of the teens should pick up the slack. I shouldn't be paying for it. I bet you would see a whole lot of parents taking charge of their children's whereabouts and whole lot of boys being more responsible. The welfare system has become a big ugly monster in our country and we should be ashamed that we, myself included, have sat back and watched a wonderful program for those in need of a helping hand turn into an ugly cancer on our society.

Now I know this all sounds like nonsense on my part and hard hearted and so many loop holes and problems to enforce any of it. But it needed to be said and I said it.

Brenda Nicholson
Edgefield, SC


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