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Letter to the Editor

Writer claims: Edgefield Endangered

web posted March 16, 2006

Dear Editor,

Edgefield County, as its residents currently know it, is at risk. Although Barbara and I are relative newcomers, we love Edgefield, we call it home, and we want to preserve its unique, southern quality.

Back in the spring of 1987, we became restless as timeshares and other developments encroached upon our beachside home on Hilton Head Island. Edgefield, with its peach trees in bloom, pastures greening, and quiet, friendly community, captured our hearts. Its atmosphere of warmth and friendliness dramatically contrasted the commercialized hustle and bustle of Hilton Head. Once a quiet island with a close knit group of permanent residents, Hilton Head became the pawn of developers, who, to make a quick buck and keep moving, took advantage of the relatively unspoilec beauty of the marsh and coastal areas. We grew weary of the tourists sitting in our sandy, wave licked, front yard, soaking up the sunshine and leaving their trash behind.

When we drove into Edgefield one momentous afternoon, looking for another secret hideaway, we knew we had found our fresh haven; an oasis of serenity in a busy, changing world. Now, at Pleasant Lane Acres Bed & Breakfast, w help other couples get away from it all and enjoy the many benefits of a quiet afternoon walk along a shady path, a good read in a front porch rocker, the sound of an early evening chorus of chirruping birds, or the smell of pines blowing in a gentle breeze.

Sadly, a threat to Edgefield and the easy going lifestyle of her citizens looms on the horizon. As I write this, Paul Wyatt, of Graniteville, S.C. searches for 500-600 acres in north Edgefield County, where he plans to build a motor speedway. This is a most disheartening situation.

We urge all residents to consider the environmental, economic, and social impact such an entity will have on our corner of the world. The noise and exhaust pollution produced from the cars and crowds will surely hinder the hunting and fishing enjoyed by outdoorsmen who use Edgefield's forests, lakes and fields. The increased highway traffic, roadside litter, need for police presence, and arrests will take a toll on the county coffers. Property values will suffer. And the steady stream of out of county raceway clientele, who have no vested interest in, or reverence for, safeguarding the values we all hold dear, will alter the social landscape.
Barbara, Tom Rogers (637-6712) and I encourage you - our friends and neighbors - to join the Northside Legal Defense Committee in a proactive fight against Paul Wyatt and his motor speedway. Let's prevent him from blemishing our priceless way of life, before it is too late.

Now, not later, is the time for us to sound our objections. Barbara and I appeal to you to call the Edgefield Planning Commission members, whose names and phone numbers are listed below, and tell them your concerns. Then join us as we band together as a community to protect our interests, our lifestyle, our Edgefield.

Chairman Fab Burt

Vice-chairman Roger Timpson

Dick Harper

Bernadette Hudson

Norman Stephenson

Tracy Freeman

Rodney Ingle

Pleasant Lane Acres B&B, Inc.
Edgefield, SC
Don & Barbara Rupert, Owners & Innkeepers


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