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Letter to the Editor

Writer makes the case for “Political Human Sacrifice”

web posted March 25, 2010
The phrase for today is “Political Human Sacrifice” (I emphasize the word political, because I don’t want any of the sensitive people in the county thinking that I’m advocating harming anyone, because I’m not).  After what the Democrats have done to our country this past week, I believe it appropriate to quote John F. Kennedy, “President John F. Kennedy, in Bonn, Germany on June 24, 1963, at the signing of the charter that created a German Peace Corps, remarked, "Dante once said that the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in a period of moral crisis maintain their neutrality."

His remark was probably inspired by the passage from Dante Alighieri’s La Comedia Divina, “Inferno,” canto 3, lines 35–42: "This way of wretchedness Belongs to the unhappy souls of those who lived without being blamed or applauded.”

So many conservatives, libertarians and anyone who cherishes freedom may be asking, “What can I do now?”  I’d recommend “Political Human Sacrifice.”  

Find any Democrat who is in your voting district, either as a challenger or incumbent and vote AGAINST them.  I don’t care if it’s your brother, best friend, etc, if they have a (D) after their name, vote against them, even though they may seem conservative.  The games that were played to enable “blue dogs” from having to vote on this health care bill was sickening.  I say, they have aligned themselves with party who’s platform is un-American and socialistic, thus all Democrats should be held accountable for their party’s platform.  Make THEM hold their leader’s accountable, make them feel the wrath of ignored voters….politically sacrifice ANY Democrat regardless if they’re on a national ticket or local…vote against them. 

Here’s a small thought to ponder, liberals used to profess their love for freedom (e.g. abortion and the 60’s, coupled with a disdain of government, and those over 30yrs old).  Most of what they argued for was “social freedom.”  Now I ask any liberal, “How can you have political or social freedom without economic freedom?” 

Our founders were pretty savvy, they not only acknowledged our god given freedoms, but with a free market/capitalist system, they also gave us THE MEANS to exercise our political and social freedom, which was economic freedom. 

Trading away one’s freedom for “security” is incrementally enslaving us by robbing us of the means to exercise our other freedoms.  While everyone can understand the meaning of slavery, what is occurring is a more subtle form called “indentured servant.”  In the medieval times they were essentially slaves that got paid.  In more modern times, it took the form of a miner owing more to the “company” store than he got paid, so he subsequently became enslaved to the mine owner.  

How is this any different than the trillions of dollars of debt which are enslaving us and our children to an unresponsive and unrepresentative government? 

Sure, we can exercise our freedom of choice to choose what to watch on TV, or music to listen to, but as we’re being distracted our true freedoms are being robbed right from under us through “creeping incrementalism.”  It’s synonymous with how one boils a frog alive….put it in a pot, and turn it up one degree at a time vice dropping the frog right into boiling water.  Only this time, we’re the frogs and our government and liberal statists are turning the heat up, one degree at a time.

When I served in the military, I attend SERE school, which simulated and prepared aircrew for survival, capture and interrogation.  What the course taught, from lessons learned from Korea and Vietnam, was if the enemy “breaks you”…respond by being a rubber-band.  Snap back, and if they want more info, make them break you all over again…each and every time.  I firmly believe that as cap and trade, immigration reform, gun control and other liberal agendas are pushed, liberty loving citizens need to push back harder and snap back each time.  Make them bribe each other and reveal themselves for the idiots that they are.  This will keep the issues hot…..and when November comes, eagerly go down to the polling booth and execute a little “political human sacrifice” on any politician with a (D) next to their name.

Mark S. Jebens
Lt.Col USMC (Ret.)

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