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Letter to the Editor

Writer says President Bush should secure borders

web posted March 29, 2006

Dear Editor,
I agree with the editor's column "Enough is enough, deport the illegal aliens now!"  wholeheartedly, except for where he says "the Democrats are in the drivers' seat".  Last time I checked, the Republicans have been behind the wheel in Congress since 1994, in the White House since 2001, in the Senate since 2002, and in the Supreme Court for as long as I can remember.  Republicans can claim credit for all that's gone right in this timeframe, but must also accept blame for everything that's gone wrong - including the surrender of our border to 10000 illegals a night - sometimes escorted in by armed paramilitary thugs, unopposed by the Border Patrol!.

True, both parties pander to immigrants' votes, but Republicans benefit more from the cheap labor source the illegals represent as well as the fact that they can pay less to legal citizens due to the excess labor supply.  Just follow the money! 

If you want to fight back here on the homefront, visit http://www.wehirealiens.com/.  This website will allow you see who hires illegals, post their names,  and boycott those businesses.  If there are no employers willing to hire illegals, the flood will subside some.  But the buck needs to stop at the nation's executive branch.  If President Bush can build nations in the Middle East, he sure could secure our own border if he wanted to.

Mark Roberts

Editor's note: The reference to the Democratic party being "in the driver's seat" refers to the acceptance of illegal immigration being promoted by the national party.

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