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Is America A Christain Nation?

web posted April 12, 2011

Dear Editor,
You will know them by their fruit. If a nation professes Christianity, this does not automatically or characteristically make that nation a Christian nation. A nation will be known by the principles and foundation of that nation. America today has departed from the faith, from the principles of Christianity and follows the ways and wealth of the world. When other nations and even many within our own nation look at America , what do they see, what do they say and is what they say true? Materialism, sex and greed have smothered the word of God and quenched the Spirit of God.

We no longer seek the wealth of God’s kingdom of wisdom and righteousness; we have omitted God from government; we no longer seek divine guidance for the direction of America; honesty in government has been replaced by deception and manipulation of thought and the rights of the people have been infringed upon or being totally eliminated. There are many that have been pre-programmed to infiltrate and create the fall of governments; to create turmoil within a nation in order to overthrow the government of that nation in order to rule the world as a one world government. America is systematically and intentionally being bankrupt in order to gain control of the people for this same purpose. The ego, pride and arrogance of mankind have oppressed the things of God and now believe they are greater than God in making decisions outside of God.

America has left the principles of Christianity, left the foundation of God’s word and built upon the temple ground their own ideals having laid a carnal minded and earthly foundation. Many deny God in their actions and abuse God’s grace because they have no understanding. America is failing because they have abandoned God, fallen prey to deception, full of lust, greed, materialism, self-centeredness and an appetite for uncontrolled and unacceptable sexual conduct, there are corrupt leaders in our nations government with ulterior motives with a power hungry agenda. This is the very reason America is failing as a nation, America has turned its back on God.

We must ask ourselves individually, how do we not conduct ourselves as Christians? The answer is simple, look at our nation and look at our own actions and motives. We have abused God’s grace, Christian morals and principles are no longer applied in our daily life and we no longer follow the principles of Jesus Christ or God in our actions. America has become worshippers of God in word only and not in our deeds of obedience.

We must understand giving money to help the body of Christ, not to build bigger buildings, is good, but is one very, very small part in our walk with God. If we disobey God in all other things, what does it benefit; we cannot buy our way into heaven? We say, I gave in the offering at church and then return home to an adulteress affair, lie to our spouse and thrust aside our children to the ways of the world, what does it profit? In truth immorality is running rampant; children are in rebellion and are ruling the parent; those that disrespect demand respect; we have become liars, walking in hate and murder, we have become adulterers, fornicators, homosexuals, drunkards, we look like the world and conduct ourselves in the ways of the world. Men and women have left their God appointed responsibility and have turned to there own way. Man has left his place of responsibility as a man, husband and father and woman has left her place of responsibility as a woman, wife and mother. Then we wonder why our children are in rebellion, they live only to please themselves, satisfying their fleshly appetite, showing no respect for themselves, for their parents, elders or even authority. Then we wonder why our society is so confused, unholy and in disarray.

We say we are Christian but conduct ourselves contrary to Christian principles; we have truly become a nation of hypocrites. In our arrogance we have the audacity to question God and ask why America is failing as a nation. When America stood for God; when our children prayed in school; when America prayed as a nation; before we removed God from government; in a time when the parents where parents and the church was the church; before man allowed the anti-Christ to rule; when businesses closed in observance of the Holy Day, God stood for America. When we as Americans turn our back on God, how can we expect God to stand for America ? God will not stand with a nation that has abandoned him.

Concerning the church, understand judgment begins in the house of God. If we as a church abide in hypocrisy, do we really expect God to over look willful sin and disobedience? God’s grace reunites us God but God’s grace does not condone willful sin. If the church does not stand for God and walk in the truth, what does the church stand for?

Let us briefly examine the denominational church structure in America . There are many man made doctrines and denominations and in them no one can agree, why? Man has interpreted God’s word in what they think it means, after the carnal and not after the Spirit. If all were in agreement, all we walk in the Spirit. Others have abused God’s word for personal gain, robbing the flock of God counting on the ignorance of the flock and building false hope. The carnal mind cannot understand the things of God, God is Spirit. God is one, God’s word is one, the church is one and the mind of Christ is one. If the church is to be one in Christ and to abide in unity, the church must pray and seek the face of God and not seek the face of man.

Denominations cannot operate in one mind, or even in one accord, there are different beliefs and as long as there are different belief structures, they will not agree. How many in America are in spiritual adultery, worshiping familiar spirits, spirits that are not of God? We must understand if Satan himself can appear as an angle of light, it is no great thing that his ministers appear as ministers of righteousness. As Paul wrote, there is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

Not all have the same spirit, there are many spirits gone out into the world and not all spirits are of God. Many deny Christian principles by their actions while others condone sin and fleshly deeds. How many professed Christians walk after the flesh and not after the Spirit? God operates in the Spirit, not after the flesh. How many professed Christians lie, create lies or are living a lie? Today we believe lying is ok, calling the lie a little white lie? If we are after Christ, we will not lie, the Spirit does not lie, and God is not a man that he would tell a lie. The devil is liar and has been a liar from the beginning; when we lie, who do we serve? A lie is not of God regardless of how innocent we believe might be.

How many professed Christians truly obey the commandments of God, to love God, to love one another? If we are Christian, we love God, to love God is to obey God, to obey God is to love God and love one another in Godly love. We must understand we love God by our actions, by what we do in holiness and not by what we say. When we obey God, we submit to God, to God’s word and to God’s way. How many households or families are functioning as God instructed? The husband has his duty as the head of the house, to love, to teach and cherish his wife. The wife has her duty to submit to her husband and teach the children as God commanded. The husband has his place as the spiritual leader of the house and the wife is to learn from her husband spiritual things. The children have their place and that place does not have authority over the parents.

While yet in the flesh, the husband has his place to provide for his family and the woman has her place keeping the home and teaching the children. The man has his responsibility and the woman has her responsibility. We cannot give mans responsibility to the woman nor can we give woman’s responsibility to the man. God gave responsibility to each the man and to the woman and that responsibility is not the same. We have departed from God’s established order and what we have created is a nation of disobedience. The world has its way and dictates one thing and God has his way as it was established from the beginning, before man changed God’s way. Men were created for God and woman was created for man. The man is not to follow the woman and the woman is not to lead the man. Men are to be leaders in the home, to love and cherish his wife and to be a provider for the home. The wife is to submit to God and to her husband as God commanded. Both must comply with God and live according to God’s established order to place things in order.

A conflict between men and women has developed the one trying to prove superiority over the other; this conflict will never be won and should have never been fought. This conflict is outside of God will and outside our obedience to God. We must understand it is not about superiority, it is about obedience, our intelligence is known by our obedience to God. Even Lucifer disobeyed and rebelled against God believing he was above God and fell from his place in heaven. This battle between men and women is a battle of pride and arrogance of which cannot be won and the end result will be as Lucifer’s. You fall with the one you follow in darkness or rise with the won you obey in the light.

The bottom line is this, it is not about men and women competing; competition carries no weight with God it is about obeying God. Men and woman must be obedient to God according to God’s word regardless of their personal beliefs in opinion, views or attitude. In the world all things are contrary to God because the world cannot know God. If we abide as the world, the conflict between men and woman will continue, but as followers of Jesus Christ and of God, that conflict will cease because we are not of the world. It is time to know God and obey God and set things in order. Rebellion against God will reap swift and sudden destruction.

We must further understand, God’s grace is equal and shows no partiality to male or female, ethnic group, slave or free. However, as long as we are in the flesh we must separate flesh from Spirit and abide in the spirit each male and female as established by God. God has well established and is clear the duties of man and the duties of woman as long as they abide in our fleshly bodies. Our failure to comply with and obey God has created our current society having all the problems, issues, acts of rebellion and chaos; we are a nation and a society far from God. If we make the flesh of man and the flesh of woman equal, then something will be left undone. Both the man and the woman have their place and that place is not the same; everything must be in its place. It is time for the man to be responsible and abide in his place and the woman to be responsible and be in her place.

It is time for the children to obey and honor their parents in the Lord and to show respect for others. It is time for parents to take responsibly for their own children. If the man and the woman being parents are being irresponsible, who’s minding the children? Why do you suppose we have the problems and issues today with children and teenagers? It is these same children that physically grow into adulthood but never mature because the parents failed to teach their children, leaving their children to be raised by a society that has rejected God, to the school system that has eliminated God, to the free babysitting service of the shopping mall or the bowling alley. Now these same unlearned adults will live in our society and rule our nation tomorrow.

This present generation of adults has been programmed to believe and accept mans word omitting God, to believe God is a thing of the past. Others say things have changed, that God has changed; some say the world has changed to justify their deeds and transgressions toward God. God has not changed; man has changed and omitted God. We cannot look at circumstances and we do not give up and go with the flow. God is bigger than any issue that we face today as a Christians. If we limit God, where is our faith in God? We return to God, we must repent; we must obey God in all things, not in the things we pick and choose.

We must understand God’s word has never changed and God’s word will never change, mankind must stop attempting to change God’s word. If we believe God’s word has changed, when did it change? If God’s word has changed, it was not changed by God and was not altered by God. Mankind continually changes God’s word to suit them selves and has created their own belief structure contrary to God to please man. Mankind has yet to understand God’s ways are not the ways of man.

America has opened its arms to the world and in receiving the world; America has invited many religions contrary to our founding belief of Christianity which has infiltrated government. Many of these religions are subtly changing our nation from within, from Christianity to another religion. This same religious structure, a religion after the spirit of the anti-Christ and will soon envelop the whole world and it will come to America . It is true, this religion prays to God, but the name of their god is not the God and Father of Jesus Christ. This religious spirit is after their god who is Satan.

It is time to know God’s word after the Spirit, if you do not know God’s Spirit; you cannot understand God’s word. If you do not have the Spirit of God, how can you know the word of God? We cannot create a God that suits and satisfies ourselves, there are many religions that have already done this. These religions are after man, created by man and not after God.

If America desires to be a Christian nation, America must return to God, in all things. We must lay aside our pride, our self-centeredness and arrogance. We must understand the day is at hand when all the arguments will cease and it will be about survival. Judgment has come to the house of God, judgment has been set and established and judgment is coming to the world. If America chooses to follow the ways of the world, those that follow the world ways will suffer the consequences by their own choice. Repent America , repent church and return to God. There is but a remnant of true believers that follow and obey God’s word and Jesus Christ. Become a part of that remnant and live. God’s Grace is waiting; repent and turn to God and live. After considering all this, is America a Christian nation?

Read it, it is in the book.

Danny Hatfield

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