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Kevin Beck Responds to Mr. Pettigrews Letter to the Editor

web posted June 11, 2016
Dear Editor,

Thanks for the opportunity to respond to the letter submitted by Mr. Pettigrew yesterday. In my letter, I donít recall saying anything negative about Mr. Pettigrew, but given his response, I fear that I may have ruffled a feather or two, which was not at all my intention. As was the case in my previous letter, I have nothing negative to say about Mr. Pettigrew today or in the future. I have spoken with Mr. Pettigrew on a few occasions, and I feel that he is a nice and well-intentioned person. I believe that in large part because someone I thought the world of held high regards for Mr. Pettigrew, that person being the late Mr. John Sullivan. I think of Mr. Sullivan often and fondly, as I have no doubt Mr. Pettigrew and countless others across Edgefield County and the state do as well.
While I do support re-electing Shane Massey, I did not write my letter on his behalf. Rather, I wrote the letter as an individual citizen of Edgefield County on my own behalf in support of Shane, and there is a clear distinction between the two. The intention of my letter was to point out something that I feel many people need to be aware of and take into consideration, as well as express my opinion about some of the negative characterizations about Shane that I (and others apparently) feel are unfair and/or without merit. While I did not note in my letter my past and present attempts for office, I didnít think it was at all relevant, necessary, or warranted because the letter wasnít about me, nor was it written with the intention of advancing my own personal interest. I assume that such a concept is something that Mr. Pettigrew and most people can identify with. But, for those who think that I should have noted such information about myself in the letter, I guess we will have to agree to disagree, but I promise to bear that thought in mind in the future.

As for whether or not Shane supported me against Judge Peeler or will in the future, I really canít say because I donít plan on nor have I ever been in a voting booth with him. However, given that I only received 22% of the vote in 2014, I think itís a safe bet that he didnít vote for me. But frankly, I donít care whether or not he supports me because he is entitled to his opinion just like everybody else is, and that has nothing to do with this coming Tuesday.

As for why Shane didnít nominate someone else or himself for the president pro tempore position, or why Shane didnít propose a change to the Senate rules I canít say because, again, I donít speak on behalf of Shane. But, in my opinion, the reason he probably didnít nominate anyone else is because no one would have accepted such a nomination, much less support someone elseís nomination, as is evidenced by the fact that no one else even had the courage to oppose what was so manifestly a no-good-very-bad-idea, with the exceptions being Shane and Sen. Tom Davis from Beaufort. And, had he nominated himself, I feel that doing so would have been contrary to the underlying principle that Shane was arguing, that principle being that the acquisition of such power through political self-dealing is to be reviled, not rewarded. In regards to the rule change on the matter, I would imagine that such a proposal would have in all likelihood failed given that it was no walk-in-the-park convincing enough lawmakers to support the notion for recorded votes on all legislation, not to mention the reluctance of all the other Senators to even question what transpired that day with Sen. Leatherman. But, as they say, hindsight is always 20/20.

In closing, regardless of whoever wins the election on Tuesday, I will be pulling for them in Columbia, I anticipate nothing less than their best efforts in effectuating positive changes for South Carolina, and I would encourage everyone to do the same.

In kind regards,
Kevin Beck
2014 Unsuccessful Libertarian Candidate for Edgefield County Probate Judge
2016 Libertarian Candidate for Edgefield County Clerk of Court
Occasional Smart Aleck
Trenton, SC

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