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July 6, 2005
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Letters to the Editor
web posted July 6, 2005

Dear Editor,

Please let’s get this accurate! My name is Nadine Horne and here’s what happened. May 12th of 2005, I learned of a permit approved by DHEC for Poultry factory 1/4 of a mile above Lake Trenton where I live. Alarmed I quickly called DHEC (every office) zoning and planning of Edgefield County, and as many of all the closest neighbors to the location of the poultry site. May 18th Girl Scouts of the CSRA, Lake Trenton Property Owners Association and Courtney Road Neighborhood Association under Lake Trenton Property Owners Association filed our appeal in the Administrative Law Center in Columbia. Shortly after I met with Howard Gibson to learn how we can zone this area of Edgefield. Zoning has been our priority, however, our attorney advised us to talk to the county about set backs, due to the impending senate bill 304 by livestock and poultry corporations to remove the right of counties in SC to put into law set backs in their counties and remove all existing set backs only DHEC to have control!! June 20th I received a call from Wayne Adams he introduced himself as Edgefield County Administrator, he wanted to know when our hearing was to be, I told him we didn't know at this time. I met with Mr. Adams, Mr. Gibson and Mr. Muller at 3pm the same day.  I talked to him about our zoning this area and that if he and the county council would look at set backs for the county before their right to do so would be taken away by legislation in 2006. Invited them all to our community meeting that night at 7pm to address to the community on what our options were. We have had a positive signing of our petition to zone, and it is still on going. As far as how the action has been taken for set backs, I believe the county is doing this by the laws of the county; I am not a lawyer so I do not judge. Yes we want zoning and we want better setbacks in this county in order to preserve the environmental integrity, quality of life, health, welfare, and property value to which we own property and live. WE THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE not WE THE CORPORATIONS! Thank you for this opportunity to tell the public the truth!

Nadine Horne
Trenton SC

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