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Letter to the Editor

Thank you Obama, Kneece, and the Edgefield County School Board/District

web posted August 19, 2009
Dear Editor,
Every morning I wake up and thank God for the life that he has given me.  I thank Him for my wife, my children, my country, and for the freedoms we as Americans all enjoy.  With great trepidation, I also thank Obama, (County Council Chairman Monroe) Kneece, and the Edgefield County School Board/Edgefield County School District  (ECSB/ECSD).  For they have unwittingly revitalized America and all that she stands for - freedom. They have awakened the sleeping giant, and they have given us all the spirit we always have, yet, are slow to display. 

Having known what was occurring in Europe, it took something of great magnitude to rally us as a nation to get involved in WWII - Pearl Harbor.  After decades of being slapped in the face by world terrorist organizations, it took something of great magnitude to rally us as a nation - September 11th.  And after decades of corruption and being boon swoggled, deceived, lied to, misrepresented, and on our way to socializing our country, it took something of great magnitude to rally us as a nation-Healthcare reform.
Ironically, isn’t it interesting how a microcosm like Edgefield County can draw great parallels to what we are currently observing at the national level? At the national level we have an administration that has ramrod huge amounts of debt down the throats of its citizen and believe they can do so without being held accountable. In Edgefield County and in the ECSB/ECSD we have those elected officials that continually heap large debts upon its citizens, and they too believe they should not be held accountable.

Look at the recent debt levied upon the citizens of this country at the national level ala the “stimulus package”. Look at the recent debt levied upon the citizens of Edgefield County, ala the Callahan property, the illegal school dump, etc. But instead of Washington politicians and the ECSB/ECSB curbing their expenses, they kick the can further down the street in hopes of garnering stimulus funds to answer their budget woes. And with the lack of foresight, they know that several years down the road when the stimulus money runs out they have in fact, not changed their reckless behavior. So we must ask where will they get the money from then?
At the national level, they are trying to ram a program down the throats of all Americans of which almost 70% do not want. And because Americans are voicing their concerns, their opinions, and speaking out-sometimes in angry tones-they are accused of being racists, of being Nazis, of being Brown Shirts, of being the fringe lunatic right, of being un-American. All such allegations leveled just because every day Americans stand up and voice their concerns and debate issues that strike at the heart of every citizen in this country.

And at the Edgefield County level we have citizens address concerns and issues in public forums, but because they (ESCD/ECSB), like the current administration in Washington, did not like being questioned or being challenged, they too resorted to using the same type of tactics-calling citizens racists, troublemakers, a disgruntled few, playing the race card.
Their belief is, how dare any citizen, whether at the county level or the national level, question their authority, their wisdom, their feckless leadership. How dare we stand up to them.  And now we are accused of being disrespectful? They have forgotten all too well that respect goes both ways. To gain respect, you must earn respect, and to earn respect, you must respect the will of the people.
Our current president was packaged, marketed, and sold to the American people as being the one that would bring “ change”.  He was the messiah, the great orator, supposedly capable of bringing people together, unifying all to accomplish a common goal. Our school board and school district are also self-proclaimed as to comprising of such prophets and wise man.

But as we can see at both levels, they are not uniting in the same manner we were led to believe, implying they would unify the masses, making amends between the races. When in fact, at both levels, their ways, their policies, and their politics, their thirst for power at the peoples expense have become divisive and destructive.

And now that the people are speaking out against such policies, such antics, such arrogance, those in power do not like it at all and level baseless allegations, engage in character assassination, demand respect by virtue of their position, and yes, they even stoop as low as they can to play the ubiquitous race card to achieve their means.  Baseless allegations, intimidation, threats of racism-all from the same playbook and used at every level.
Yes, I want to thank Obama, Kneece, and the ECSB/ECSD from the very bottom of my heart, because they have truly unified the people.  They have truly brought us all together regardless of race, color, or creed.  We are all standing shoulder to shoulder against our government- at the local level and at the national level- having our voices heard and making sure they understand that we have had enough. 

No more arrogance, no more politics as usual, no more burdening our children and future generations of this nation with their gluttonous, selfish, wasteful ways. Thank you Obama, Kneece, ECSB/ECSD, you really are uniting us all.

Jim Jackson

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