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Letter: Writer States: School Administrative Bullying Our Students at Strom Thurmond High School

web posted August 19, 2016

Dear Editor,

August 18, 2016 It hasnít been a full complete week for our students starting school at Strom Thurmond High School, and the bullying of our students has begun. We always hear of bullying in the school system, but we think of students bullying other students. Not so in this case, itís the Coaching staff at Strom Thurmond high school that is bullying our students/players.

My daughter ,a senior at Strom Thurmond High School, made the varsity volleyball team for this school year and was told when she made the team that she would never play in a game, but she would ride the bench because they was trying to make the playoffs. The varsity volleyball coach, who doesnít work in the school district or at the school (Strom Thurmond High School), informed my daughter of this criteria in making the team. He also was the one who said my daughter had a bad attitude three times. Remember, we only been in school for only three days and the volleyball team has only practiced three times before the coach removed my daughter from the team via TEXT MESSAGE. Thatís right, through a Text on her phone. As from my experience with most coaches, removal from any sport is done verbally, face to face, or through a meeting with the student/and or parents of the student. No child should be informed of a dismissal or any such information via text by any coaching official. This is a prime example of the professional coaches that we have in our school system. Not saying all coaches have this type of ignorance about themselves just this one, the volleyball coach and the Athletic Director, who said that he backed his coaches regardless of whether they are right or WRONG.

My childís mother and I, personally talked to some of her teammates to see if there was any negativity or bad attitude coming from our daughter while practicing at any time. The few students that we talked to informed us that she didnít have an attitude, it was just when she made a mistake she would get down on herself trying to figure out her mistake. Overall, she is a good player and has a great personality. This information was passed on to the A.D.(Athletic Director), whose reply Ē It doesnít matter what the students say, itís whatever his coach, tells him that matters.Ē

A prime example of the professionalism in our school system is the meeting we had with the A.D. We went to his office after the varsity volleyball coach, told us that he was expecting us and was waiting for us in his office. We get to his office, no athletic director, after about five minutes he shows up and the first thing out of his mouth is ďWhat do you want?Ē No greetings, no introducing, nothing just what do we want. Real professional.

I think we as parents, guardians need to step up our game and take part in our childrenís school activities and functions, and stop letting our school administrators raised them. This is an only one formality amongst many that goes on at the high school. The volleyball coach, in my opinion, only got this positon because he is good friends with the A.D. His daughter, at that time, was a rising eighth grader and because she didnít get voted team captain on the volleyball team at J.E.T. middle school, he applied for the position as head volleyball coach through the athletic director and got the job. As head volleyball coach, he pulled his daughter up on varsity volleyball at the high school. He played his daughter and another eighth grader in place of some of our seniors and juniors that had been playing on that level for a couple of years. If the eighth graders were talented and or experienced, then I can see starting them. You play your best, but this was not the case. Once again, School coaches bullying our students. The students, seniors and juniors, ended up quitting the team during the school year 13/14.

Edgefield County, we need to wake up and get involved. I am. Next stop is News 12.

Disgruntled Parent

Editor's Note: Since this opinion involves a high school student, we have chosen to not include the name.

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