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August 30, 2005
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Reader draws the line on the football field
web posted August 30, 2005

Dear Editor,

I read the stories on Kevin Jones and I am appalled that he is allowed to stay on the team. I realize that things kids do off campus should not be held against them at school but this is a very different situation as far as I am concerned.

I am an alumni and supporter of Strom Thurmond (High School) and I have to say I am ashamed that we have a felon on our team. I want to win another state championship but not at the cost of integrity. Playing football is not a prerequisite of student life, it is a privilege. It should be awarded to those who try hard and perform on and off the field. Each player is an ambassador of our high school and our county and each needs to present themselves in that manner.

I have not areally said anything about this mess but I fully intend to from now on. I have talked to others who quietly say the same thing. It seems as if no one wants to discuss it. The local papers haven’t covered the story and that bothers me too. It seems the only place that covers the factual side of our area is (Edgefield Daily.com).

I sat back and said nothing about the mascot change. I sat back and said nothing about a lot of things that have gone on around here because I felt like no one would know what I was talking about or try to label me. At least now the story is out there and it kind of breaks the ice for the discussions to take place.

If they play (Kevin) Jones I will withdraw my support. There just has to be a line drawn somewhere and this is where I draw mine. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I get the feeling if it were not for (Edgefield Daily.com) no one would have ever known about this.

Shelia Knox
Modoc, SC

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