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Letter to the Editor

Writer Supports Campbell for County Council

web posted October 7, 2010

Dear Editor
With Election Day barely four weeks off, great attention is being paid to national and state contests. However, we mustn't lose sight of significant local elections, for those representing us there truly are our local leaders. Those comprising the Edgefield County Council take on added importance in these difficult economic times. I believe that Dean Campbell is the best candidate to represent County District 3.

As former Mayor of Johnston, Dean knows what it is needed to effectively govern. He is acquainted with County issues, and will encourage citizen involvement at the local government level while at the same time seeking to bring about changes beneficial to all. Chief among these will be efforts to improve economic development in the county.

This will allow for growth, and result in increased County revenues without additional taxes. Dean is in favor of developing a means through which County employees would be able to report fraud, waste, and abuse. Good government would be enhanced in two ways: first, through exposure of existing activity (hopefully none); second, by acting as a deterrent to any future such activity. 

Dean also wishes to ensure our Sheriff's Department has the required resources to protect persons and property. The Edgefield County Council wields considerable influence in the lives of all Edgefield County residents - we owe it to ourselves, our families, our County, and our State, to elect persons committed to serving for the greater good. Dean Campbell is one of these, and deserves to be elected on 2 November 2010.

John H. Beach.

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