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Letter to the Editor

Writer Supports Left-Wing Protesters

web posted October 17, 2011

Dear Editor:
I have been watching the news coverage of the protests against Wall Street.  As I listen to the points the protesters are trying to make, I am reminded of the old saying, “Figures don’t lie, but liars figure !”. I am also reminded of the saying, “Those who don’t learn from history; are doomed to repeat it!”

“Figures don’t lie, but liars figure !”  Every since I have been old enough to seriously think about the “Great Depression”, I have wondered, “Who would have benefited; the most; from everybody “loosing” their checking and savings accounts ?”  Your readers may compare my theory to “the President Kennedy assassination theories”, but I would not be surprised; at all; to learn that the rich and powerful planned the entire Great Depression!

“Those who don’t learn from history; are doomed to repeat it!”  Our supposed leaders, in Washington, DC during the 1960’s and 1970’s, did not listen to the over-whelming cries of the people to get out of Vietnam!  I wonder how many thousands of lives would have been saved if these war-mongers would have only listened to the will of the people!  The current Republican leaders are too, too stubborn and conservative to listen to the people, and the current Democratic leaders are to wimpy and spineless to get behind our President Obama!         

I truly believe these “gutsy and heroic” protesters are absolutely correct in their assessment of our very own government’s choosing to bail-out multi-billion dollar banks and Wall Street firms, then allowing the resultant economic  fall-out to land squarely on the heads of “the-every-day-American” !  I am not sure that I agree with the 99% middle to lower class versus the 1% ultra-rich and powerful, but regardless of what the percentage split, I truly believe; it is beyond question; there is an extreme; and totally un-acceptable gap; between the “ haves’ and have-nots’ “ in this country, the country that claims to be “ the shining example of what each and every country should strive to be !!”

It is truly; well past time; for our U.S. Government, “Of The People, by The People, and for The People”, to finally live up to the true meaning of The Declaration of Independence, The U.S. Constitution, and the over-whelming will of the over-whelming majority of the American People to make the seemingly difficult, but common since decisions that will make a better and brighter future for ALL AMERICANS !!

The question I would like to leave with all Americans is this, “Is it fair, is it the American Ideal, and is it the quest for a perfect society to allow the minority; the rich and powerful; to dictate to the over-whelming majority of this country’s and the world’s population to get-away-with wrongly influencing the world’s governments with their multi-million dollar bribes ??!!  I will simply ask that all of the people contemplate this.

Timothy ( Tim ) Monroe Bledsoe
North Augusta, SC   

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