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Letter to the Editor

County Council Candidate for Dist 1 says Voters have "Two completely different paths"

web posted November 6, 2012

Dear Editor,
Today is the official day where millions of US citizens celebrate in the pageantry and the patriotic duty of voting.  Whether local, statewide, or national races, it is important to express your opinion at the polls and vote.  Get out and VOTE!

I want to first start out by thanking my team that has worked so hard since January.  There have been many hours worked by many different people that I will forever be grateful to.  We have all been working hard to gain support throughout District 1 and this is bigger than one person.  There is no doubt that everyone that we have been in contact with has had one message; District 1 needs new representation.  The many years of refusing to do the work of the people has finally taken its toll.

I have written many editorials published in several media print.  This editorial will be to the point and simple.  We are ecstatic about what today brings.  We are well aware that the odds are stacked against my campaign.  We were aware of that when I first filed to run.  But that has never been a concern because there are many throughout District 1 that thirst for change.  There are many, young and old, rich and poor, black and white that know, we need to work together for the betterment of our children and build our home of Edgefield for future generations.  Time and time again, I continuously hear those that have lost faith in our local government until now. 

They have joined our movement.  They have optimism that someone will listen and work with others.  They see light, where in the past, it was a continuous battle
of darkness.  They understand that over the past two decades, politics were put before people and priorities were never prioritized.

I have shared this story before but I want to leave you with it again: I was honored to meet many individuals on the campaign trail.  On a Saturday afternoon, there was this lady from the Johnston side of my district and she asked me my thoughts on Edgefield County and why I moved here and why in the world I wanted to run for office.  I told her that my calling was to serve the teachers and children of this county with my chosen career and now I was running for office to represent the voices throughout District 1 that had been lost over the years. 

She questioned as to what I meant.  I asked her one simple question:  What has Mr. Dorn done for your family or your neighbors over the past 2 decades in office?  She smiled and simply couldn’t answer the question.  I told her that I would change that and she asked what I could promise her if I was elected.

My response:  I could promise her representation.  I could work with others on council in a civil way to move the county forward.  I would bridge differences and work to strengthen the community of Edgefield County.  I promised her open communication and transparency.  I promised her values would be represented and no one would be second class.  I promised her to work with council and the county administrator to work in bridging differences to build our home.  I promised her that I was a phone call away when issues arose and that I would form partnerships in each community to make sure all voices were heard.

And lastly, I promised her that when someone had a different opinion, I would treat them with respect.  I would listen and I would seek common ground to find a way forward on any issue. I will restore that respect and the people of District 1 will have a
true voice that the rest of council will work with and get the work of the people done.  It is now time to do the work of the people.  It is essential that one must understand that this election is an important one.

The choice is clear.  There are two completely different paths. Either you choose the same path that doesn’t represent the people and doesn’t work with council to better our county.  Or you choose the other path that will lead to building relationships, growing community, and truly representing the needs throughout our homeland.

I will never put
politics before people. I ask you to help our district change the path that it has been on.  I ask that you help restore the voice of the people and build our future
for tomorrow’s generation.

I am honored to even be a part of this process and would appreciate your vote.

William P. Smith

Petiton Candidate for Edgefield County Council Dist. 1

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