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Letter to the Editor

Writer claims Editorial holds "abundance of ignorance"

web posted November 15, 2006

Dear Editor,

Wow, there was a huge abundance of ignorance in that last opinion posted on EdgefieldDaily.com.

First, if you are going to ooze such garbage, you should at least have your facts straight, or try to make a convincing argument. However, that is usually the path that ignorance takes, spewing garbage to make others fear the future.

Second, you might enjoy the tax breaks now, but in
5-10 years, taxes are going to have to be raised to pay off the enormous debt that has accumulated just in the last 6 years. Over the last 6 years the national debt has doubled from 4 trillion to 8 trillion. The Republicans lured most people into believing that tax breaks have contributed to the economy, and in a small way this is true. However, tax breaks for the rich have spurned economic growth. The average taxpayer has seen some benefit, but wages have stagnated (not risen) and good paying jobs have declined rapidly. Yes there have been jobs created at Wal-Mart, McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, etc. But can a person working for minimum wage plus a few cents go on a vaction, send their child to college, pay their cell phone bills, pay their electric bills, etc. The average American has accumulated so much credit card debt that they can cannot even make more than the minimum payment.

Third, we need a strategy to fight terrorism. Going into Iraq has been a huge moneypit. We need to fund the troops, but the only people benefiting from this war is Halliburton, et al. Did you know that almost every aspect of this war is being provided by contractors. The people serving the troops their food make $30-50 dollars per hour. The contractors digging latrines make the same rate. The troops in the miltary
used to do these duties, but Dubya and Dickie boy wanted to capitalize on the opportunity and fill their own pockets through blind trusts that have millions in stock options in these companies.

Fourth, define victory for me. It seems to change weekly on what exactly victory means. We pulled out of Vietnam and look at it today. It is one of the fastest growing second world economies today. Why becasue they solved their own problems. Also because they manufacture goods for the Chinese and Japanese at very cheap wages. Labor intensive means of producing goods that we buy here in America and all over the world.

Fifth, corruption is abundant by the Dems and Republicans. There is so much corruption and waste of taxpayer dollars that we cannot identify it all. From waste in EARMARKS to lobbyists to just plain old GREED. We all need to open our eyes to what is happening in Washington and in our own state.

Sixth, when is the last time you went deer hunting and used a semiautomatic weapon. Heck, if you do is that really hunting. We as Americans have a right to bear
weapons to protect ourselves. I know that THUGS sometimes have semiautos, but where to we stop. Should every American have an M-16 in their homes. Should we
say "Machine guns are the answer". I don't know the answers, but I know the problems are far more complex than the opinion of the writer who posted the last

Alan White
Edgefield, SC

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