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Letter to the Editor

Writer Blames Obama Victory on "Termites"

web posted November 16, 2012

Dear Editor,
Like most right thinking God fearing people I was stunned by the election results.  Surely, I had thought, after four years of miserable failure on almost all fronts, Americans would vote Obama out of office and some semblance of sanity would return to our federal government. This is not to be.
After contemplating what seemed to be inexplicable election results, I believe I have the answer. Termites. 

Recently during a building project on the farm, I was removing some lumber that had been stacked under a shed for a few years.  It was a large stack and after removing the first three layers I was surprised to discover that the rest of my lumber was nearly all eaten away by termites.  What had seemed a stack of strong, sound one hundred year old pine boards was in in reality mostly just a pile of dust. 
This is our country today.  Until November the sixth our nation appeared sound and salvageable.  Now the gosh-awful truth is revealed.  How did this happen?  Like my own termite damage, it took some time. 
I was born in 1960 which just happens to be the year when the U.S. supreme court declared school prayer unconstitutional at the behest of outspoken atheist Madelyn Murray O'Hair.  By the way, a reading of her biography will show where a life of hedonistic atheism will get you.  It wasn't happy and ended badly.  Over the ensuing years our courts found that God wasn't acceptable in most every other public place either.  Hollywood, which had previously been required by the public to abstain from sex and profanity in its movies, slipped its leash and began a never ending process of "pushing the envelope".  Technology puts their filth right at our fingertips and those of our children.
In the mid 1960's Lyndon Johnson launched his "war on poverty" the "great society" which made married live-at-home fathers obsolete.  The federal government was the new bread winner for the poor.  Now, after decades of loosening moral standards and perverse federal incentives, forty one percent of babies born in this country are to unwed mothers.  The traditional family that has served civilization so well for so long is waning.
We are fast becoming a pagan nation.  Romney won with church goers.  Obama won with non-church goers who want him to take other people's stuff and give it to them.  Unfortunately, Americans with the traditional Judeao-Christian values and work ethic that made this country the world's envy are now in the minority.
We are also accelerating a slide into becoming an Godless Marxist state.  Folks who long for this should study the history of such nations.  Like Madelyn Murray O'Hair, they are not happy places and don't end well.
So what are right thinking God fearing Americans to do?  I believe we should pray without ceasing, witness for The Lord like crazy, fellowship frequently, cherish our loved ones, and prepare for the hard times that seem inevitable.  Jesus said his kingdom was not of this world and, thank God, neither is ours.

Dan Henderson

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