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Letter to the Editor

Writer Says GOP Must Lead on Constitution and Conservative Principals

web posted November 19, 2014

Dear Editor,
I had intended to write and challenge the new conservative legislative majority to execute its Constitutionally mandated responsibility of oversight of federal agencies. The recent ebola scare revealed  instances of the CDC and NIH wasting millions of taxpayer dollars on ignorant and moronic projects and studies.

As with so many of these cases, Congressmen and woman stormed to and trampled over each other to get to a media microphone to denounce wasteful spending. Congress appropriates our tax money to these agencies. It is their responsibility to maintain oversight in how it is spent, not act like an outraged innocent when waste and mismanagement is discovered. This power has been systematically ignored for decades while the larger goal of re-election took precedent.

But a more eminent threat to our Republic is looming. This President is poised to unilaterally grant status to as many as 5 million ILLEGAL aliens. Under our Constitution, the executive branch enforces the laws passed by the legislative branch, not make and amend them. This President is a supposed Constitutional scholar, yet shows no regard for the Constitution or the truth. He told Hispanic groups in 2012 that he has no authority to grant amnesty. Now that he is a lame duck with lame conservatives, he says he does and is emboldened to forge ahead. He feels no one can stop him, no one has so far.

He's gotten away with the lies of Obamacare. His IRS blatantly targeted conservative groups ahead of the 2012 election, effectively stifling their rights while funneling millions to ACORN for the liberal vote effort. He and Eric Holder purposely let thousands of guns be bought in the US and smuggled into Mexico in hopes the bloodshed would kindle anti-gun fervor in the US.

His administration is openly advertising and printing handouts in Latin America to lure illegals to come. 10's of thousands of children were sent, molested along the way. These children have been relocated throughout the US with no notification to states. The entero virus they brought has killed a dozen children and sicken hundreds in 47 states. The media has hid this.  By comparison, 2 adults died here of ebola.

Obama has the blood of 4 Americans on his hands from Benghazi when he went to bed in anticipation of a fund raiser rather than order military help. He has the lives of those dozen US children who died from diseases brought by illegals. He has the blood of thousands of Mexican civilians and a US Border Guard killed in the drug wars by the guns sold in “Fast and Furious”. He is responsible for the innocence lost of young latino children abducted and abused along the way to our borders.

Whether attributed to Alexander Tytler or Alexis de Tocqueville, the premise is the same.
    “...A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.”
    “The average age of the world's greatest civilizations from the beginning of history has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence: From bondage to spiritual faith; From spiritual faith to great courage; From courage to liberty; From liberty to abundance; From abundance to selfishness; From selfishness to complacency; From complacency to apathy; From apathy to dependence; From dependence back into bondage.”

This wisdom, friends, was from over 200 years ago. History such as this is not taught anymore, not since liberals took over education. Obama has succeeded in increasing the dependency roles that LBJ started. War on poverty? Here we are $15 trillion and 50 years later. Poverty and dependence equals liberal votes. So do 5 million illegals granted amnesty.

“It is easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled.” Mark Twain

I am sending a letter to Senators Graham and Scott and Congressman Duncan. I urge each citizen to consider sending their own personal greetings. Mine will read like this:

I have no concern for your political futures, only the future of the United States and the integrity of our Constitution. You gentlemen will be but a footnote in the history of our country, but perhaps a chapter if you do not seize the conservative legislative majority the voters have handed you and carry out the loud and clear message that came with it.

Our President has already overstepped his Constitutional authority and is planning on it again on immigration. The separation of powers is in peril. The House has the power of the purse. As Madison wrote in Federalist 47, it is but one of the checks and balances afforded Congress against a would be tyrannical president.

If you allow Obama to keep making executive actions that are in fact, laws, you are handing him the reigns to tyranny. The internet will be next. The EPA will continue to exert authority into state's rights and a global warming agenda. The Justice Dept will expand spying on citizens. Budgets, as they have been for 6 years, will always be continuing resolutions. The debt continues to balloon, the civil service payroll is exploding and voters dependent on government handouts nearly outnumber working Americans..

After healthcare is nationalized, utilities and financials will be next.

This President is doing as he promised, fundamentally changing America. If you, sirs, do not stop the assault on our Constitution and Republic, the conservative voters of South Carolina will find someone to replace you that will.

If Speaker Boehner and/or Senator McConnell fail to exercise Constitutional checks on the President's illegal power grab, I expect you to work to replace them as legislative leaders. You were elected by and to represent South Carolinians. You swore allegiance to the Constitution, not a political party.

Bill Weger
US Army, Retired
Edgefield, SC

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