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Letter to the Editor

Is there any comparison of Lincoln and Obama?

web posted December 16, 2009
Dear Editor,
At the dedication of the National Cemetery honoring those who died in the civil war Abraham Lincoln said “We here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain - that this nation under God shall have a new birth of freedom - and that government of the people, by the people shall not perish from the earth.”
Obama has compared himself to Abraham Lincoln, but it appears that he is now treading on his grave and trying his best to destroy what he and this nation fought for.
He is trying to trample out any existence of government for the people and by the people. Instead he is trying to replace it for government of the people period.
He is using his charismatic charm and wiles to fool us into thinking that he is doing what is best for all by equalizing the playing field and making the wealthy share it with the less fortunate. I believe you should help your fellow man. That is always what we've done in the past. We all rolled up our collective sleeves and did what was needed to correct whatever was thrown our way. Every one did their job.
Today the government is wanting to create a welfare state, or rather a welfare nation where everyone is standing in line for their "fair share".
Companies and the people are going to want to do less to try to build their businesses if they are expected to be taxed out of a profit in the name of welfare. Young people today are being conditioned not to strive to do more to succeed. Instead they are shown how to use the system to get more for themselves by doing less to earn it.
I am not that old, only 58. I was taught that if you wanted something, you worked for it. I was taught that if you wanted anything in this world it was yours if you had the gumption and willingness to earn it. Today’s generation does not want to expend any more energy than necessary in order to survive. Not that they are lazy, its because they are offered a free ride.
I don't begrudge the wealthy if the earn it. The majority did it to help themselves and created a lot of opportunities for others as well. My hat is off to them. I do begrudge the lazy ones who make a living on welfare programs that were intended to be used by people who were less fortunate and honestly needed it.
Obama is very methodically destroying our free enterprise system of our nation, and will soon bankrupt our nation to the point that we cannot afford to defend ourselves much less help other nations on a world wide scale.
Regan ended the cold war by bankrupting Russia. Who is orchestrating what is going on in our country for Obama?
I honestly do not for the life of me understand when so many people see what is going on and do nothing about it. I don't think that many people out there are afraid to speak out. I just don't know amongst all or our elected governors, congress and representatives has what it takes to say enough is enough an stop what is going on today and fix the problem.
You cannot borrow yourself out of debt, and if this is Obama’s plan then we need someone else running our country. Someone who is not afraid to ask his fellow countrymen and women for help.
We don't need another bail out that we will never be able to repay. We do need the brains of this country to come together with a plan that makes sense and is fair to all.
What can I do?
Andy Kraus
North Augusta

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