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Letter to the Editor:
Planning Commissioner unhappy with internet auction
web posted December 20, 2005


On November 1, 2005 Edgefield County advertised in the Edgefield Advertiser in a 2" x 3 1/2" ad that Edgefield County Council would auction off supplus property. The ad did not identify the items to be auctioned but said they could be viewed by going on line at  I am not on the internet - on line - so I asked my son in Florida to find out about the auction for me.  He learned that the web site is located in Alabama and the items to be auctioned were cars, tractors, dump trucks, pickup trucks etc., and was told that bidding was over the internet only and that one must register with the auction company and furnish them with certain financial information in order to place a bid.

Do the readers of this newspaper - the taxpayers and residents of Edgefield County think it is fair to be eliminated from bidding just because one is not on the internet?

I learned that the auction supposedly grossed $16,400.00 for the approximately 25 cars, trucks, etc. that were auctioned.  It is not known the amount that will be deducted for commission but it will be interesting to know the net amount Edgefield County will receive for these approximately 25 items that were paid for by Edgefield County taxpayers when they were purchased.

Since Edgefield County Council meets on the first Tuesday of each month I hope some of Edgefield County residents will attend those council meetings so that we can all be better informed and just maybe, we might be able to participate in future auctions.

Norman J. Stephenson
Johnston, South Carolina

Editor's Note: The writer is a member of the Edgefield County Planning Commission, appointed by County Council Chairman Monroe Kneece, to represent Johnston.

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