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Obama Picking the Wrong Side, Again

web posted May 23, 2011

EDITORIAL – President Obama's downwardly poll numbers are not helped by his continuous exhibition of being unqualified to do the job of president. He has spent more than any president in history with record debt, issued an unconstitutional ban on our own drilling of oil in the Gulf of Mexico costing tens of thousands of jobs (with near 10% unemployment), and now he shows his condescension for Israel by telling them they have to cede portions of their borders to terrorists. His words of loving America are one thing, his actions are another.

Israel is our greatest ally in the Middle East and is bordered by state countries that swear to wipe Israel off the map and are backed by Iranian trained terrorist groups such as Humas, who is the Palestinian Islamic political party. The very same Palestinians that Obama wants Israel to surrender parts of their nation to for so called peace.

Peace that will never come regardless of what Israel would ever give up to seek it. We are dealing with terrorists. Any land give-way - there would be no land swaps as Obama stated because the Palestinians do not have land to give - would only be a victory in their ultimate goal and would just embolden then to that end. Eliminating Israel, God's chosen people, off the face of the Earth.  

Do not forget that the Palestinians are anti-America. The anti-American Muslim Brotherhood who, with the President's help, overthrew Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak who was pro-America. He is doing the same in other Middle East uprisings by anti-American groups.

Yet, where pro-American Iranians rose up against one of the United States most fervent enemies in Iran, the President's support was slow, and tepid at best.

In Libya, the Muslim Brotherhood staged similar uprising with an all but powerless dictator that was too afraid of the US to cause any problems in the Middle East, leading us into a third war that has yet to be giving the approval of Congress as the Wars Powers Act demands as of last Friday.

There seems to be an obvious pattern of who our unqualified President supports and who he doesn't.

He literally bows to Muslim leaders and disrespects our allies. He has issued his plan (arrogantly) as to what the new Israel should look like, which gives its enemies every strategic military position needed to attack them and calls it peace.

He spent the last half of his life in the church led by Rev. Jeremiah Wright which openly attacked and vilified "white" America and the Jewish race as "evil". Before that in his formative years of elementary and middle school he was indoctrinated in an Islamic School in Indonesia and has openly stated that he thinks the Muslim call to prayer is the "most beautiful sound" he has ever heard.

President Obama can claim to be a Christian all he wants. His actions speak far louder than his words.

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