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Success of  Mount Vintage Plantation Home Owner's Association

By Linda Vola
web posted October 5, 2012

GUEST COLUMN – Mount Vintage Plantation is a vibrant Community, only 20 minutes from downtown Augusta. In the recent past it suffered from the bickering and legal battles of it's two developers, who dragged down the beautiful Community with it.  When two children fight and get mean it can be ugly. In this case the Community, it's grounds and it's reputation suffered.

The people of Mount Vintage have always come together socially, as volunteers, as supporters when one of their own suffered a blow or a health issue. It could be a waitress at the Grille with a special needs child or a brand new neighbor whose wife was taken seriously ill. It didn't matter how well you knew the person, because the Community always rallied when a member was in need.

It's been over a year since the children stopped their bickering. Their legal battles are in the past. The Mount Vintage Community is still there and it has shown its strength.

The once beautiful 27 Hole Golf Course, badly in need of maintenance, was bought by a member of the Community and his wife. The course is back up to it's previous standard of excellence and then some, sporting new golf carts and a welcoming attitude to new members not living at Mount Vintage. The rebirth was even assisted by many residents who acted as volunteers to work on grounds maintenance in the early stages! The Golf Course has won awards and continues to host events like the Annual Carolinas/Georgia Jr. Championship and  the upcoming 4th Annual Vintage Victors for a Cure.

The Community Center with it's pool, gym, 6 clay tennis courts and Community Garden, also bought by the same couple, has been reopened as a nonprofit to the members of the Community. Participants all pay an annual fee and as homeowners and residents, have a stake in it's success. Yoga classes, Book Clubs, water aerobics, etc. all go on and the Community Library of shared books is back on track with it's own room in the Community Center.

Mount Vintage Plantation is beautifully maintained by the Home Owner's Association. The group is no longer taking a back seat and now runs Mount Vintage like clockwork, with monthly financial reports, Annual Meetings, etc.

The homes at Mount Vintage are varied. Everything from a 10 acre horse farm with it's own barn, family homes spread out on 2-3 acres, houses of varying sizes and styles on 1/2 to full acres lots and small houses in "The Village" on a small plot of land with minimal maintenance, houses on the golf course or those with more privacy. It's all there beautifully laid out and maintained.

There are lots of all sizes too. Some prime lots bought years ago as investment by current owners or a few other Developer lots near the new 9.

Houses and lots are for sale but what community doesn't have for sale signs posted? Attrition happens. People get transferred, houses become too big or too small, circumstances change, a spouse takes ill, plans change. Things happen.

So many rumors still abound about Mount Vintage: it's falling apart, there are legal battles, everyone is fighting and my favorite, it is too far out.

All are false; come see for yourself. Close to Rt. 520 and I20, 15 minutes to downtown North Augusta that is right over the bridge from Augusta and some of the best hospitals and medical care available. Aiken and it's horse Community is a stone's throw away and as many know, Atlanta, Charleston, Savannah, the beach and the mountains are all just a couple of hours away. Did I mention that Costco is only one exit away off of I-20?

I wrote this to set the record straight for Mount Vintage and to polish up it's tarnished reputation for you. Yes I own a house and 2 lots there. No I don't live there anymore. Remember, plans change? I am not that far away and still visit friends that will be friends for life. I participate in events when possible, like the Community 4th of July Parade and Barbecue. I attend the monthly Lunch Bunch that meets at a different restaurant each month to try something new and to socialize. If I’m lucky, I’ll make the Covered Dish Pot Luck Social in October!

I continue my old friendships and make new ones. That has always been the real Mount Vintage Plantation; its people and biggest supporters. They were there for me to welcome me and tell me what a great place it was to live there. They and I were always there to welcome others. They have endured hardships and happy times together. Once a member of the Mount Vintage Community, you are always a member.

I know our house will be referred to by our last name for year's to come just like the Smith's house will always be referred to as that. It doesn't matter that they don't live there any more. They are known and loved by the Community and we were all there in spirit when Beth underwent a heart transplant in Arizona, because, as I said, once a member of the Mount Vintage Community, always a member.

Come take a ride down Sweetwater Rd and see for yourself. Don't be surprised by a smiling car driver waving as they pass you by. That's Mount Vintage for you.

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