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Guest Opinion: 16-Year-Old's Reaction to President Obama's Reelection More Mature than News Anchors

By: Hannah P. Mosley
web posted November 9, 2012

GUEST OPINION - I am writing to you today because I feel an enormous burden to do so. As we all know, President Obama was reelected [Tuesday] night. In the past years as I’ve gotten older it has become evident that many of the people I encounter don’t understand why I hold the political views that I do as an African-American. I pray that you will take the time out to read what I want to say.

This election, in my opinion was significant not because of the state of the economy or foreign policy. While these things ARE important, they are not a deciding factor for me (nor are my parents ;). When coming to the conclusion of why I believe what I believe, and why my vote would have been cast for Mitt Romney this year (had I been old enough to vote), the first thing I considered was my faith. Being a Christian means that I believe every word God spoke in His word and here’s where I arrived. Please ask yourself these “Yes” and “No” questions:

As a Christian who believes every word God spoke, do I believe Psalms 139: 13 which reads “For You created my inmost being; You knit me together in my mother’s womb,” meaning that at the time of conception, God created my life, as well as every other person’s?

Secondly, do I believe Exodus 20:13 that says “You shall not murder”?

President Obama has openly supported Planned Parenthood for years, wanting to subsidize it with our tax payer dollars. Sometimes it can be difficult to realize the massive effect our vote has until we see numbers. Realizing that, I’ve looked up and have been able to confirm these facts/statistics:

Every year, across the worlds 50-60 MILLION infants are aborted. This is literally every 3rd child conceived. Planned Parenthood, in their own words stated that they treat unwanted pregnancy “the 2nd largest sexually transmitted disease” (in their words, not mine). One baby is aborted by Planned Parenthood every 95 seconds, and 43% of all women in this country have had an abortion.

The democratic party is one that prides themselves on defending the weakest and poorest in society, yet is massacring those who are at their absolute weakest and have no one to fight for them. When God said that murder was wrong thousands of year ago He was not joking around with us, nor has He recently changed His mind.

You are responsible for supporting a man who advocates fornication at will, and furthermore sees nothing wrong with taking an innocent’s life once our sins aren’t convenient anymore. We can tell ourselves all we want that life doesn’t begin at conception, but as a Christian you obviously believe Jesus didn’t enter this world at the moment He was born. It was when he was conceived by the Holy Spirit that his spirit came to earth.

We also often use the excuse to permit abortion by saying that people who are raped or are victims of incest shouldn’t be punished for someone else’s crime. I believe this is true, but we have to go back to the foundational truth that God ordained that child’s life. I don’t want to sound unsympathetic. I can’t in any way even begin to imagine the horror of those circumstances. But another person’s sin, does not justify us in committing another.

I believe that because God formed every life, even in the most heinous situations He specifically chose to give life to that person and they are not without a soul. In the words of Pastor John MacArthur, we are doing to humans what would be illegal to do to a cat…and proud of it. This isn’t social progression. This is SIN. And these aren’t women’s rights we’re fighting for. This is the greatest civil rights battle of our time. Think back to Exodus, when Pharaoh was killing all of the male Israelite male infants. Somehow we think that’s wrong, but abortion isn’t. Does anyone see a contradiction?

How can we protect those who are good in society, when we have a president who is calling what is evil good, and what is good evil (Isaiah 50:2)?!

Secondly, the Democratic Party platform is built upon the belief that homosexual marriage should be legalized and promoted. Please reference Romans 1. This platform is built on everything God says is wicked, and disgusting in His eyes in that chapter. Furthermore, God says that He will judge any nation who turns to sexual immorality, and I believe that goes for us.  Once again, God has not changed His mind over that past few years and please don’t think for a second that He has somehow excused or forgotten what He spoke in the name of “social progression” or “gay rights”. When we become so desensitized toward sin that we start to justify it to ourselves and actually vote for it we are slapping God in the face and discrediting His word. In addition to that, we are killing our own witness. How do we explain to an unbeliever that God’s word is true when we are saying that it’s okay to elect someone who stands for everything God HATES? Your vote has a direct correlation between how seriously you take God. We have to choose between what’s hip and modern, and what is righteous.

We cannot simply vote for a man because we have the same racial background. God is not impressed with Obama’s skin color. He does not favor Obama because he is black (like we do, right?).

Abraham Lincoln, a white man who fought for our equal rights as black people said “Sir, my concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern in to be on God’s side, for God is always right.”

Either Obama is right, or God is, and since they’re contradicting each other—only one of them is right. Mitt Romney is not by any standard a perfect man, but his convictions the closest to representing the Bible. Before you rejoice and celebrate over our president’s victory, I hope your heart is completely broken that a man—not a black man—but JUST A MAN in God’s eyes, is leading this country and Christians where God never intended for us to go. God’s heart is breaking and He is so disgusted by the policies we have voted for. I don’t need to guess this because it is already in His word. Please consider the great and profound words of President Lincoln yet again, when he said “I must stand with anybody that stands right, and stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes wrong.”

Well, President Obama has gone wrong. He has parted from what God says is good and has made darkness into light (Isaiah 50:2). I respect him as president, but cannot respect his morality as a man. It is okay to realize that someone is wrong, and it IS okay to part with them and by doing so join with God. Wide is the road to destruction, but narrow is the way of life. We do not put our hope in any political party or in any man, but I plead with you and pray that you realize this and repent for our nation! God will judge the United States for the sin we are entrenched in and He will not put up with this forever. God cannot and will not, by his very nature bless a country that has turned from Him and essentially spit on the truth of His word. He will not continue to bless Christians who have metaphorically ripped certain pages from their Bibles for the sake of “supporting a brother”.

“Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.” Galatians 6:7

Thank you for your time.
With love,
Hannah P. Mosley

Editor's note: This letter was written by Hannah to her family members and was shared with Edgefield Daily and we requested permission to publish it for our readers. Hannah and her parents agreed.

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