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June 2, 2005

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It's Official!

Urban Outfitters holds ribbon cutting ceremony
Governor Mark Sanford among the many present to welcome 400 jobs to county

web posted June 2, 2005
Pictured above: (left to right) Rev. George Brightharp, Rep. Bill Clyburn, Gov. Mark Sanford, Chairman of the Board Urban Outfitter Richard Hayne,  John Troutman Economic Delvelopment, Council Chairman Monroe Kneece, and Bettis Rainsford, Chairman EC Economic Committee in back.

It is official, Urban Outfitters held its ribbon cutting ceremony today, June 1, to mark the beginning, “of a long relationship with Edgefield County,” Richard Hayne, Chairman of the Board of Urban Outfitters said adding coming to an area and leaving, “is not the way we do business.”

With the ribbon cutting opening the facility, officials said they have a workforce of about 130 already in place, something Hayne said would be growing to around 350 to 400 employees after the full insertion of its “inbound call center,” being moved from Philadelphia and relocated in Trenton. “Trenton is a perfect fit,” Hayne told Edgefield Daily.com, with its able workforce which they hoped would lead to, “a long term relationship between the people of Edgefield County and Urban Outfitters.”

John Troutman, Chairman of the Economic Development Partnership welcomed everyone to the ceremonies and thanked the media for their coverage which led to the outpouring of applicants to fill positions.

 South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford was on hand and welcomed Urban Outfitters to Edgefield County on behalf of the state even though the product line is, “not something I would wear, nor something my wife would wear,” referring to the niche market of tie-dyed clothing and other unique items Urban Outfitters provides, but that it showed how South Carolina would welcome any business and accepted, the “changes that have come,” Gov. Sanford said.

Governor Mark Sanford presented Chairman of the Board, Richard Hayne with flags that were flown over the Capitol at the ceremony.
SC Gov Mark Sanford Edgefielddaily.com
Representative Bill Clyburn was also on hand and said he liked the product line and saw this as a chance to, “Welcome the Governor to ‘the hood’ so he can wear some of this,” which raised quite a laugh from those in attendance which included dignitaries from around the state and the county such as School Board Chairwoman Sallie Cooks, Superintendent Dr. Keesley, Councilman Everett Kitchens, and many other local elected officials. Rep. Clyburn also presented Mr. Hayne with a, “Legislative Journal,” which he said contained the names and phone numbers to every elected and appointed official in the state and that, “you will find a really good picture on page 97,” referring to his own in the book.

Edgefield County Council Chairman Monroe Kneece added his comments and said, ”We are delighted in Urban Outfitters coming to Edgefield County,” and that, ”Edgefield County and its citizens will work hard to prove the move to Edgefield County was a wise one.”

Urban Outfitters Chief Financial Officer John Kyees said, “We considered a variety of locations, but South Carolina offered so many attractive factors that we were convinced it was the right place to be.” Kyees said Urban Outfitters had looked at sites in its home state of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, and New Jersey before deciding on the present location in Trenton which formerly held the VF Playwear distribution center that left last year. 

Mr. Hayne said Urban Outfitters was planning to build a 500,000 square foot center in their home state but, “Politicians and legislators couldn’t get together and make decisions,” something he lauded Gov. Sanford and the county with being able to do. The 459,000 square foot facility and the equipment fit right into the needs of Urban Outfitter’s needs he said.

Gov. Sanford shakes hands with Richard Hayne
 of Urban Outfiteers after cutting the ribbon as
Bettis Rainsford looks on

Gov. Mark Sanford said, “Our number one priority continues to be improving our state’s business climate so that more companies like Urban Outfitters decide to bring more jobs and investment here as opposed to somewhere else.”

Urban Outfitters will employ as many as 350 to 400 workers initially and hopes to grow that work force to 500 within five years. Urban Outfitters is expected to exceed one billion dollars in sales this fiscal year and is listed as 12th on the Wall Street Journal’s Honor Roll for top stock price performance and was listed as the number one hottest company in Business Week magazine.

County Auditor Bill Gilcrest said he has not seen the final fee in lieu of taxes agreement and could not comment on how that structure would work but that putting them on the books, "will definitely help," he said.

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