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Religion: As Much Of God As You Want

By Pastor Phillip Howle

web posted February 10, 2016
RELIGION-- My oldest son’s birthday is coming up. He and I always head out to eat somewhere special on his birthday. He likes food as much as I do. So three years ago, I thought he might like a trip to the Golden Corral. Cason got his drink then just marveled at the near quarter mile of buffet lines before filling up a plate of mac and cheese and chicken strips. After he ate, I asked him if he wanted anything else. He said sort of timidly “Can I have more?” To which I said, "You can have as much as you want and whatever you want!" His second plate contained little tastes of everything. His eyes glazed at the chocolate fountain. He wanted to go baptize a fried chicken leg and said let’s do it! The greasy, chocolatey, chickeny, entrée was not bad! I will let you know that the Golden Corral does not approve of this behavior as we found it!

Now I tell you this not to make you hungry, but because there is something that I have come to see as true. You can have as much God as you want. You can have as much of Jesus as you desire.  The Holy Spirit will fill you with all you want of Himself. Jeremiah 29:13 says “If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me.” God will always answer a prayer to make Himself more fully and completely known to you.

I would go so far as to say, you have as much of God right now in your life as you want. The sad reality is that we desire so little. Why? Because when God comes into our life, our sin has to go. Truth be told, we often love our sin more than God, family, or anything else.

So right now I want you to think about your desire to know, serve, bless and be blessed by Jesus. When was the last time you asked for more of God? We ask for more of many things that don’t matter that much in the long run or that can even hurt us. We are usually discontent with our possessions and status in life. But sadly most people are far too content with far too little God in their life.

So if you are empty today and need to be filled by God, all you have to do is ask! That is it. Ask for more of God with your whole heart. God will lead you to the Bible and to get involved with a local body of believers at some church (shameless plug as well, if you don’t have one you might as well give Antioch a try.) So I pray your appetite is as strong for God than it is for your next meal! Pastor Phillip

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